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    Welcome to
    Garifuna Education Support Group

    This section has been designed to allow Garifunas individuals to support each other on educational issues. By providing your information to be placed in the section below, you are volunteering to be contacted by other Garifunas who may need help or may have specific questions about your area of study.

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    Name Area of Study Contact Note
    Hector ZapataB.A Sociology / Anhroplogy - Entrepreneurwebmaster@harlem-ent.comPeace and love to all. I am here to assist any one in research and history related to Garinagu. I am also available to anyone seeking assistance in developing there own business.
    Orbil GuityMS. Ed - English Education, 7-12, Ph. D (2002) Educationalgguity@hotmail.comI can be of help in all aspects of the educational setting. Ranging from teacher education to curriculum & instruction. I can also help those in need of a second reader; personal statements, resume, reports, etc.
    Glandy SambulaMedical Office Specialistglandii76@yahoo.comI am in the Orthopetic Surgens field.
    Carmita A. VelasquezM. Ed. - Curriculum Specialist, Asult and Higher Education!velc300@dshs.wa.govJust a comment for information- On the very first page there is reference made to "the education of Garifunas". The term used as a plural (or reference to a group of Garifuna individuals) is "GARINAGU". Thanks for accepting my suggestion in the spirit in which it was sent. Garifuna gian nuguya. Insieni haun sungh Garinagu.
    Miriam BernardezBusiness & Office Technologypemi_7174@yahoo.comEsta pagina es excelente.
    Wendy GriffinEthnohistory and Bilingual educationgrif_wendy@yahoo.comI have a degree in bilingual education and have worked with the Garifuna of Honduras. I have a lot of cultural history information on the Garifuna
    Joseph MartinezMedicine/Public Healthufwhjoseph@aol.comI am a physician assistant pursuing a masters in public health. My undergraduate degree was in biological anthropology.
    Sonia Velasquezsailor/ am a U.S. sailor, I have information for anyone who has ever considered life in the military.
    LIBIO M. CENTINOPSYCHOLOGY (USAC, GUATEMALA)LIBIOCENTINO@AOL.COMArengatina garifuna, chumagu (ali- janey luma aburujaney); afagua tina lun nerenguney merigey. Ujein lu lubey wawanseru kei Garinagu guiarati (gawarati), nidaja. Lidan jaburuja arengajumei ida lina la.jasubuderuney nuwagu **Owenbu Isieny**
    Jacqueline RamirezBusiness Journalism/Marketingjacqramirez@aol.comFamiliared with many subjects, expert in nothing. Always interested in conversing with the lineage of people that I follow! Fascinated with the introspection of individuals.
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    Please enter your information to be added to this list.
    Por favor entre su informacion para que sea puesto en esta lista.
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    Your Name Su Nombre
    Major or Area of study Area de studio
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