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    Welcome to
    Garifuna Education Support Group

    This section has been designed to allow Garifunas individuals to support each other on educational issues. By providing your information to be placed in the section below, you are volunteering to be contacted by other Garifunas who may need help or may have specific questions about your area of study.

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    Name Area of Study Contact Note
    Alex AlvarezVideo and Photographysweet8279@yahoo.comIf You need photos or a video for that special occassion please email us, we'll give you the best rates.
    Lydia Sacasa-HillBilingual Teacher/ Fitness Instructor/motivational Speakerhilllysahi@aol.comOffers advice, encouragement and motivation to anyone who wants to get fit and to lose weight in a short period of time.
    Francela BrooksBBA Finance/MBA Finance & Accountingfrancelab@hotmail.comI can help in many other things besides finance and accounting. I can guide people how to succeed in the American culture and corporate world, how to deal with social pressure and focus on developmental goals.
    Sandra LeeWeb Programmingsandra@seattlesolutions.comI'm a European-American web programmer who had the good fortune to stay and work in a Garifuna village for a couple of months as a teenager. If anyone needs assistance with ASP (Active Server Pages), SQL, HTML, DHTML or other website issues, I'll be happy to help out. (Hablo Espanol en poco solamente, y tres palabras en Garifuna.)
    Valerie HernandezInteractive Web Design and Productionvernandez@yahoo.comHi, I've been a graphic designer for the past 12 years, doing interactive web design for the past 5 years. My entrance into the interactive web design field came with a job at the Wall Street Journal. I worked there for 4 years. Prior to that, I worked for several major newspapers in California and New York. I'm available to advise anyone on breaking into the field of Journalism or graphic design. There are many jobs out there for designers at major newspapers, magazines, and web sites with minimum starting salaries of $40,000. To get them, you really have to know how to talk the talk and walk the walk. I can show you how. I'll review your resume, portfolio and give you tips which could help land that New Media Job.
    Gutberto Nicolas Leiva AEducacion , Biologia/ cultura GarifunaGutberto59@altavista.comDocente universitario e investigador de la cultura garifuna consultorias en Guatemala, Honduras y Nicaragua
    Franki Ramosstudent/fencersaber_1_love@excite.comThis is for all you people out there that dont know what fencing, and are interested in finding out what it is, let me know. here goes a little info its a white dominated sport where I happen to be the first HONDURENO taking over the sport. 1 Love!!!!!!!!!!!
    Martha ArzuBS Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering - (Consultant)bgarifuna@aol.comI am a Transportation Engineering Consultant and have worked for both public and private sectors. I am trained in Resume Critique and Interviewing Skills for the professional field. I can also assist in editing fundraising proposals, college applications and personal statements, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. **Aba Isieni**
    Nancy MejiaComputernancyjanneth@aol.comI'm from Guatemala and i would like to find out more about my back ground where did the Garifuna ansesters come from.
    Sade MartinezDance/Sociologynanigui@yahoo.comI am a Dance Instructor/Choreographer persuing a Law Degree at the moment. Anyone interested in these fields mentioned, please send me an e-mail.
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    Please enter your information to be added to this list.
    Por favor entre su informacion para que sea puesto en esta lista.
    Your Info/Su Informacion
    Your Name Su Nombre
    Major or Area of study Area de studio
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