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    Welcome to
    Garifuna Education Support Group

    This section has been designed to allow Garifunas individuals to support each other on educational issues. By providing your information to be placed in the section below, you are volunteering to be contacted by other Garifunas who may need help or may have specific questions about your area of study.

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    Name Area of Study Contact Note
    Beverly Jasmine GuityCollege Studentjazie99@hotmail.comScholarship information
    Andony CastilloCultural Anthropologyandoantropo@hotmail.comHistorian: black culture and Carifuna
    Marcia Fernandezbilingual special educationL_aniubis@hotmail.combilingual special education
    Enrique VelasquezAccountingcado70@aol.comComputarized tax preparation, and any question related to accounting courses
    Francis BernardezComputer Information Systemsjacobernfc10@hotmail.comMay help with programming on SQL and HTML
    Ruben ReyesGarifuna LanguageReyesSasamu@aol.comFluent in the pronounciation, reading and writing of the Garifuna language
    Jorge GarifunaComputer Sciencejcacho01@yahoo.comMay help with programming problems. Skills: C (basic) C++ (basic) Java (advance) Java Script (advance) HTML (advance) PERL (advance)
    Dixon RochezB.S. in Management of Information Systems M.S. in Information Technology (currently)rochezd@clarkson.eduI am currently pursuing my M.S. in Information Technology at Clarkson University. Feel free to drop a line anytime. I can help you in the following: C,C++, Perl, HTML, Visual Basics, SQL, PHP, Cold Fusion, Linux Operating System, Unix System Administration
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    Please enter your information to be added to this list.
    Por favor entre su informacion para que sea puesto en esta lista.
    Your Info/Su Informacion
    Your Name Su Nombre
    Major or Area of study Area de studio
    Contact Contacto
    Comment Comentario
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