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    Welcome to
    Garifuna Education Support Group

    This section has been designed to allow Garifunas individuals to support each other on educational issues. By providing your information to be placed in the section below, you are volunteering to be contacted by other Garifunas who may need help or may have specific questions about your area of study.

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    Name Area of Study Contact Note
    Edson K.Guity-Castro(AS) Industrial Safety; (BS) Manufacturing Eng. Tech; Currently working on a (MS) in Engineering Managementeguit001@fiu.eduI am proud to be a garifuna, I'm not too fluent in the language but my heart is 500% garifuna. I am currently working on a Master's degree here in Miami and working as a Financial Analyst at American Express, just in case you need a credit card. I saw my cousin's name on the list (Hector Zapata)-Contact me cous...
    Jerry CastroPolitical Science, Public AdministrationLidanigarifuna@hotmail.comConcentrating on the shape of the American political structures, I have been involved in politics (NY) since the early 1990s while participating in voter registration and election campaigns (1997, 1998 presidential elections, 2000 congressional and presidential, 2001 NYC Mayoral elections 2002 NY State Gubernatorial elections and 2004 Presidential Elections.
    ClaudiaBusiness Administrationcflorez53@aol.comSo they say im a "Writer, Poet, Head of Household with many talents to follow and many people to meet,many plans, but for that i need the help of a nation" It takes a village to raise a child remember? 23 from San Antonio Colon. Holla Back!"
    Karim Mejia ( Wasani)Chef and Personal Chefmawema240@yahoo.comI am 100%Garifuna , who presently live in Los Angeles . I am working in the Resturant Field I am A Chef for GrandLux Cafe And Cheesecake Factory in the LA area .I would like to assist any one of my people that would like to become a Chef to sent me an email .I will be going home to Belize to open a resturant in the next 3years so as to teach and show young belizean how to make living from the resturant business.
    Dorett lewishorticulture/nursingydlewis@belizemail.netI am knowledgeable in all aspects of agriculture and now attending university to pursue a degree in nursing in hopes of helping all garifuna men and women take care of themselves.
    Michael SmithEntertainment Business...Publishersclub@yahoo.comFor information in the Entertainment business from Artist to Contract negotiations and Recordings.(Information available in English, Garifuna, French, Spanish, portuguese and Dutch).
    Lenin SabioAgriculture Engineer with a major in Crop Protectionleninsabio@hotmail.comIt' so great to have our own garifuna website and get to know a lot of interesting people, that are interested in knowing more about our Garifuna culture, Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Lou Isieni
    M. AzharIT Network, azee13@hotpop.comIm a Sri Lankan presently working in a small firm as Nework Administrator. Unfortunatley the income what I draw is not sufficient me to allocate to my studies. I am really starving for my higher education. If there is anyone who can help me. I'll be so greatfull.
    DJ LABUGABUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, CISronyfigueroa@verizon.netDJ Services, Sound and Live Entertaining representing several Garifuna Punta Rock Bands in the US: ISANIGU The Punta Rock Souljahs, Inebesey Band, Macako y Su Arena Caliente, Sopps and many more. 323 304-2634. Available for any social events
    Cruz Garciathe Garifuna language
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    Please enter your information to be added to this list.
    Por favor entre su informacion para que sea puesto en esta lista.
    Your Info/Su Informacion
    Your Name Su Nombre
    Major or Area of study Area de studio
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