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Male Hormones May Help Women After Hysterectomy      04/30/05

Women who feel less sexy after a hysterectomy may get a boost from a seemingly unlikely source -- testosterone, new research reports. more...

Study Links Middle Age Obesity to Dementia      04/28/05

The most convincing research so far suggests that being fat in your 40s might raise your risk of developing dementia later in life. more...

Many HIV-Positive Gay Men Unaware They're Infected      04/26/05

Many young gay and bisexual men who are HIV-positive may not know they have the virus, according to U.S. health officials. more...

Convenience Stores Aim to Remake Image      04/26/05

Gas stations as gourmet destinations? It's an unlikely culinary revolution, but Slim Jims are making way for sushi as convenience stores transform themselves with upscale eats and shed their image as junk food pit stops. more...

Experts Say Obesity Still a Health Risk      04/26/05

Now that the government says fat might not kill so many of us after all, is it OK to be just a little pudgy? more...

Spurs Are Biggest Loser in Playoff Openers      04/25/05

This was the first step for the Denver Nuggets — seizing the home-court advantage from the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs looked strong early in the fourth quarter, making their first three shots and taking an 81-76 lead. After that, the Spurs missed 17 straight from the floor until Robert Horry hit a meaningless 3-pointer with 9 seconds left. more...

Outbreak of Angola Virus Under Control      04/24/05

Medical teams trying to stamp out the worst recorded incidence of Marburg virus in Angola are beginning to get the deadly outbreak under control as cooperation from stricken communities improves, the U.N. health agency said Saturday. more...

Angola at Critical Stage in Marburg Battle -WHO      04/23/05

Angola is at a critical stage in its fight against an outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus and must step up its drive to bring the disease under control, the U.N. World Health Organization (WHO) said Saturday. more...

Report Cautions on Liposuction Alternative      04/22/05

A therapy that promises to melt fat away with the help of a syringe has not yet been proven a safe and effective alternative to liposuction, according to a new report. more...

Birth Order, Allergies Tied to Risk of Lymphoma      04/22/05

Both allergies and a person's place in the sibling pecking order may influence the risk of developing the blood cancer non-Hodgkin lymphoma, new study findings suggest. more...

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