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Midnight Snacker? Blame Your Genes      04/21/05

Is midnight snacking keeping you up late at night and keeping you off your diet? A faulty gene may be to blame, researchers said on Thursday. more...

First Week Critical in Childhood Obesity - U.S. Study      04/18/05

What you feed a newborn baby during the first week of life could be critical in deciding whether that baby grows up to be obese, U.S. researchers said on Monday. more...

Angola Priests, Healers Preach Marburg Awareness      04/17/05

Angolan priests urged their congregations Sunday to abandon their fear of hospitals so that loved ones could receive treatment for the Marburg virus that has killed more than 200 people. more...

High-Dose Ephedra Pills Still Illegal, FDA Says      04/15/05

The ban on sales of weight-loss herb ephedra remains in place for higher doses despite a court ruling that regulators failed to meet the standard for outlawing low doses, the Food and Drug Administration said on Friday. more...

Attacks Halt WHO Campaign Against Marburg in Angola      04/09/05

The World Health Organization (WHO) has halted a campaign in western Angola against an outbreak of Marburg virus after residents attacked its teams in apparent fear they could be spreading the deadly infection. more...

Study: Mediterranean Diet Linked with Longer Life      04/07/05

Eating a Mediterranean diet not only helps people stay healthy, it also seems to prolong life, Greek researchers said on Friday. more...

U.S. Focusing on Disease Spread Through Air Travel      04/06/05

U.S. government health agencies are strengthening ties to airlines and aviation regulators to guard against the spread of infectious diseases or other deadly agents aboard commercial aircraft, federal officials said on Wednesday. more...

Zinc Helps Teens Think      04/05/05

Zinc-fortified foods may help seventh graders perform better in school, according to study findings presented at the Experimental Biology 2005 meeting in San Diego. more...

Cancer Patients Exposed to High Radiation      04/03/05

Dozens of patients at a cancer treatment center were exposed to radiation levels 50 percent stronger than they were supposed to receive because a radiation machine was improperly installed. more...

Computer Helps Detect Small Breast Cancers      04/02/05

A computer-aided detection system can help radiologists spot small breast tumors that may otherwise be missed, results of a study show. The system detected 92 percent of cancers that were 5 millimeters in size or smaller. more...

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