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Westernization Linked to Breast Cancer Rise      01/11/05

The breast cancer rate is rising among women in Singapore and appears to be approaching that seen in Europe, researchers report. The introduction of a Westernized lifestyle and child-bearing pattern may underlie this trend, they suggest. more...

Oleic Acid Key to Olive Oil's Anti-Cancer Effect      01/10/05

Scientists have discovered why eating a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables and particularly olive oil can help to protect women from developing breast cancer. more...

Vietnam officially confirms two children died from bird flu      01/09/05

Vietnam officially confirmed that two young boys had died from bird flu as state media said two other people are suspected of contracting the virus more...

Powell, in Kenya, Meets Youths Who Fight HIV/AIDS      01/08/05

Secretary of State Colin Powell heard a 11-year-old speak of valuing her virginity and an HIV-positive woman advise abstinence Saturday as he met Kenyan youths who teach their peers how to avoid HIV/AIDS. more...

IUD System Benefits Women with Bleeding Disorders      01/07/05

Women with inherited bleeding disorders often find menstruation troublesome. For them, a UK team reports, an intrauterine device that releases the hormone levonorgestrel seems helpful. more...

Gene Helps People Resist AIDS Infection- Study      01/06/05

A gene that may help block the AIDS virus from getting into cells seems to protect some people from the deadly and incurable infection, researchers said on Thursday. more...

Disease Emerges in Wake of Tsunami      01/04/05

Hungry and filthy, thousands of Indonesians queued for water on Tuesday as aid deliveries to tsunami-ravaged Aceh province hit new snags and cases of disease and infection among survivors emerged. more...

High Body Weight Linked to Kidney Cancer Risk      01/03/05

The risk of developing a type of kidney cancer, renal cell carcinoma, is directly related to body mass index (BMI) and to the increase in BMI since age 20, according to the findings from two new European studies. more...

Teen Obesity Is a Ticking Time Bomb      01/02/05

The American Heart Association's warning last week that more children than ever are heading toward heart trouble is primarily due to the nation's obesity epidemic. more...

U.N.: Despite Aid, Tsunami Survivors Face Disease Risk      01/01/05

Tens of thousands of tsunami survivors are at risk from killer diseases, such as cholera, despite stepped up international aid, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Saturday. more...

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