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Welcome to the Health section of

Nyack plastic surgeon to help children in Colombia      09/29/04

Children in a poor region of northern Colombia have probably already started their journey that will end next month when they meet a Nyack plastic surgeon in an operating room. more...

Keep un-American scheme from making it to our shores      09/28/04

Frightening news Monday out of Britain. In an attempt to appease British health officials, candymakers there are planning to downsize or eliminate king-size candy bars, the Brit press reported. more...

Seniors Take Up Tai Chi, Yoga Across U.S.      09/27/04

Balanced on one leg like flamingos, a dozen people older than 60 concentrate on staying upright, as they master the basics of tai chi. more...

Impotence: A Red Flag for Heart Disease      09/26/04

For men, flagging potency can be a red flag that something's not right in the cardiovascular system. And experts say men who rush to fix the problem with impotence drugs may be ignoring a bigger threat to their health. more...

Study Shows Dogs Able to Smell Cancer      09/25/04

It has long been suspected that man's best friend has a special ability to sense when something is wrong with us. Now the first experiment to verify that scientifically has demonstrated that dogs are able to smell cancer. more...

Men, Women More Different Than Thought      09/25/04

Beyond the tired cliches and sperm-and-egg basics taught in grade school science class, researchers are discovering that men and women are even more different than anyone realized. more...

Children of Teen Mothers Have Raised Suicide Risk      09/24/04

Babies of teenage mothers and infants who have a low birth weight have a higher risk of committing suicide later in life than other children, Swedish scientists said Friday. more...

Studies: Walking May Ward Off Alzheimer's      09/22/04

The health benefits of regular walking may include helping prevent mental decline and Alzheimer's disease, research in patients aged 70 and up has found, bolstering evidence that exercise needn't be strenuous to be good for you. more...

Proposal Aimed at Reducing Mad Cow Risk      09/22/04

The government is taking steps to reduce the already minimal risk of mad-cow tainted components ending up in childhood vaccines and other medications. more...

Patients Warned of CJD Risk      09/21/04

Thousands of patients were warned today they may have been exposed to vCJD through blood plasma products. The Department of Health said more than 6,000 people ... more...

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