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FDA Withdraws Approval for ADD Drug      10/24/05

The FDA has withdrawn approval for a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder because it has been associated with liver problems, including death, agency officials said Monday. more...

Black Colleges Turn to Obesity Fight      10/23/05

As students talk over the thump of rapper Chingy's "Right Thurr," Tina Carroll stands in a corner of the university dining hall deliberating. more...

Britain, Croatia Confirm Cases of Bird Flu      10/21/05

Britain and Croatia confirmed cases of bird flu on Friday as countries around the world scrambled to put in place measures to prevent the spread of the virus. more...

Study: New Diabetes Pill Deemed Dangerous      10/20/05

A new diabetes pill that appeared headed for federal approval can double the risk for deaths, heart attacks and strokes, according to an independent analysis rushed online Thursday because of public safety concerns. more...

Scientist Wins Male Contraceptive Grant      10/14/05

A Norfolk State University researcher who has worked nearly 20 years to create a male contraceptive will share in a $3.6 million grant to help him further his work. more...

Scientists Look to DNA for Nutrition Ideas      10/13/05

As a registered dietitian, Ruth DeBusk has eaten a healthy diet for a long time. As a geneticist, she wondered if she could do better. more...

Vaccines May Prevent Whooping Cough Cases      10/12/05

Two safer new vaccines against whooping cough could prevent up to 1 million cases among U.S. teenagers and adults each year and keep them from infecting children, who can die from the illness, a government study found. more...

Cholesterol Levels Fall in Older Americans      10/11/05

Despite the sharp rise in obesity in the United States, cholesterol levels in older Americans have fallen markedly over the past 40 years, mainly because of the introduction of statin drugs in the late 1980s, a government study found. more...

New SIDS Policy Recommends Pacifiers      10/10/05

Babies should be offered pacifiers at bedtime, and they should sleep in their parents' room — but not in their beds — in order to lessen the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, the nation's largest group of pediatricians says. more...

Experts Seek to Debunk Baby Food Myths      10/09/05

Ditch the rice cereal and mashed peas, and make way for enchiladas, curry and even — gasp! — hot peppers. It's time to discard everything you think you know about feeding babies. It turns out most advice parents get about weaning infants onto solid foods — even from pediatricians — is more myth than science. more...

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