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Honduras: Development v environment?      09/17/05

The BBC's James Menendez has travelled to Honduras to find out whether it is possible for poorer countries to lift themselves out of poverty without harming more...

Girl Scout aids medical mission to Nicaragua      09/16/05

"I was helping my doctor to gather toiletries and surgical instruments and got them ready to ship," for the Trinity Episcopal Medical Mission to Nicaragua. more...

Immigrants hope storm aid for them, too      09/16/05

Khamis Ktibut, Pedro Mata, Alex Rodriguez and an immigrant from Honduras were in San Antonio where they were taken to escape the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. more...

Belize Praises Cuba for Training Doctors      09/15/05

The press in Belize has highlighted Cuba´s offer of 33 new scholarships for young Belizeans to start studying medicine for more...

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates anniversary of indepence for Latin American countries      09/15/05

It celebrates the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. more...

New start altered by nature      09/15/05

Every year they've lived in Louisiana, after leaving countries such as Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, had brought those conditions without much of an more...

Fortis Inc: Construction of Chalillo Hydroelectric Project Complete      09/14/05

BECOL also owns and operates the 25-MW Mollejon hydroelectric facility, located on the Macal River, the only other hydroelectric generating facility in Belize. more...

Delegation from El Salvador visits Viet Nam      09/14/05

Party of Viet Nam (CPV) Central Committee, received a visiting delegation of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) of El Salvador, led by Blanca more...

People trickle into New Orleans      09/14/05

One family, originally from Honduras, took advantage of a permit from city authorities allowing business owners to survey their properties, to check on their more...

Garifuna, Ecolastico Arzu, burned in crash and jumped off NY Bridge      09/14/05

The Garifuna, Ecolastico Arzu AKA Nallito burned in a car crash and jump off the Tappan Zee Bridge. According to Murphy Valentine, from Centro America Show, Ecolastico Arzu, was traveling home from upstate New York, with Angel Norales when their car stopped around the Tappan Zee Bridge in White Plains, NY. Allegedly an tractor-trailer hit their car from behind. more...

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