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Se come Judutu!      07/27/05

Garinet Global has just launched, a website dedicated to showcase contemporary Garifuna clothing styles. Se Come Judutu, is one of the great styles that many fans can sport this summer. more...

Our Garifuna Priest, Fr. Lazarus Augustine is not doing well      07/15/05

Father Laz is not doing well. He has lost a lot of weight. He is weak and frail. Everything he eats, he throws up, so he does not have any energy at all. When we went to see him Saturday morning, he recognized us and spoke to us, but got tired easily. After visiting with him about an hour, we could sense that he had gotten tired and needed to get some rest, and so we left and came back later that evening. more...

Longer journeys via Honduras are increasing      07/06/05

Isabel Guerrero last saw her husband and 20-year-old son 14 months ago. They took off from Santa Cruz del Sur, Cuba, a fishing village in southeastern Cuba in the dead of night, heading across miles of open water for Honduras and eventually, they hoped, a new life in the United States. more...

Some migrants given license to disappear      07/04/05

custody with a permiso in hand. They were from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil. But also Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen more...

U.S. policy lets illegal immigrants go      07/03/05

They were from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil. But also Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, the Philippines, Yemen - among 35 more...

The new product bar: It Rolls and it scrolls, but you are in Control      06/30/05

Garinet has just introduced a new product bar. The product bar displays the latest products located on Garinet’s online stores. more...

New development for the Garifuna Women      06/29/05

For many years the Garifuna Woman has been an integral part of the great developments within the Garifuna community. It could almost be said that it is the Garifuna Woman that has carried on the core values of the Garifuna culture. more...

Over 60 new photos from Dangriga, Belize      06/16/05

The largest Garifuna photo Gallery in the world, places Dagriga, Belize on the map. Over 60 new photos have been added showcasing certaing parts of Dangriga, Belize. more...

Mass tourism latest menace for Honduran Garifuna      06/09/05

By Catherine Bremer MIAMI, Honduras (Reuters) - Without tap water or electricity, Chaves Sanchez lives happily by a Caribbean beach that for generations has provided ample fish to feed his family and keep a palm-frond roof over their heads. more...

Is Garifuna love, something that can be found online?      06/01/05

To some is the hope of finding light at the end of the tunnel, to others is ultimate dream, but is Garifuna love something that can be found online? more...

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