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Many Content With Saca In El Salvador      02/14/05

Antonio Saca holds a high approval rating in El Salvador, according to a poll by CID-Gallup more...

Anesthestist helps local patients, serves others through missions in Honduras      02/14/05

What kind of work do you conduct in Honduras? I recently completed my 27th mission trip to Honduras in Central America and I am more...

Valentine's with a Long Distance Connection and a Local Affect      02/14/05

One of the most compelling stories about Garinagu (plural for Garifuna) is that throughout its history, they have been involved in wars reflecting the assurance of Freedom. From World War I to Vietnam to the Persian Gulf, Kosovo and now Iraq. It is ironic how a group of people who fought for their lives against the British royals in the 1700’s is now today the backbone to secure the freedom and safety of thousands and thousands of lives around the world. more...

From SLO to Nicaragua /Day 1 of 3      02/13/05

San Luis Obispo residents enthusiastically donated some 5,000 pairs by early November, but shipping problems and customs bureaucracy more...

Fundraiser to benefit Honduras medical missionaries      02/12/05

A fundraiser to help local residents pay for a medical mission trip to Honduras will be held this Saturday, Feb. 12. The more...

Iran: The next Nicaragua?      02/11/05

There is power in this insight. Recall the situation in Nicaragua in the 1980s and early 1990s. ... Iran can be the next Nicaragua. more...

New rules coming for Supreme Court      02/10/05

The Chief Justice said that Trinidad would introduce similar rules in April of this year and that Barbados, Guyana and Belize have been working on these rules. more...

AIDS Cases Increasing in Nicaragua      02/10/05

Nicaragua registers an AIDS case per day, which is alarming if compared to data from 2000, when three or four cases were more...

It's slow and easy in El Salvador      02/09/05

Ryan Neal, 22, lives in El Salvador working with the town hall, schools, and people of his small, rural community. Neal was more...

Evidence Of El Salvador Gang Found In Columbus      02/08/05

A gang that is active in El Salvador is now in the United States and in Central Ohio, NBC 4's Mike Bowersock reported. more...

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