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Life under a dictatorship      09/24/04

the Dominican Republic, the story could have taken place in any of the many dictatorships of Cuba, Haiti, Argentina, El Salvador, Honduras, Chile or Nicaragua. more...

Home cooking from Honduras      09/23/04

"It's not low in fat, but it's delicious," said Burgos, 37, New Orleans' honorary ambassador to Honduras and a partner in a Canal Street law firm. more...

El Salvador Deports Apparent Jordanians      09/22/04

El Salvador on Tuesday expelled two men believed to be Jordanians who...terrorists a question that remained open even as they flew off. Salvadoran Immigration Director Wilfredo Rosales said the men were more...

Chief reaches out to city, puts imprint on department      09/22/04

A year after starting, Steve Hogue is known for showing up at roll calls - and for improving city crime rates. TAMPA - It's 6 a.m., and Tampa police Chief Steve Hogue is jogging through the damp breeze along Bayshore Boulevard. more...

Classic Guerrilla War Forming In Iraq      09/21/04

From the Filipino insurrection during the Spanish-American War to Vietnam to El Salvador, American troops have had plenty of experience in fighting home-grown more...

First Internet Café in Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras      09/20/04

On Sunday, September 19, 2004 around 7:25PM, Internet presence gets established in Triunfo de la Cruz for the first time in history by Wafadaha Uwara. Although Wafadaha Uwara has been in the plans for about eight years, it started its operation six months ago. This Internet Café, marks Wafadaha Uwara’s first historic project within the Garifuna community. more...

US Coast Guard to put Maltese vessels under greater scrutiny      09/20/04

The news agency Caltrade Report stated that Malta together with Cyprus, Honduras, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Panama, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand are the more...

Homemade grenades started exploding midmorning on Aug. 18 at La Esperanza, El Salvador's      09/19/04

Homemade grenades started exploding midmorning on Aug. 18 at La Esperanza, El Salvador's more...

In Guatemala, helping boys' lives      09/19/04

They're teenage boys who have lived on the streets of Guatemala City, using drugs and surviving by begging and stealing. But more...

Murderers target Guatemala's young women      09/18/04

More than 350 women have been murdered in Guatemala this year, placing the central American state at the centre of alarm over so-called femicide. more...

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