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Café Gotay Restaurant Open Its Doors in Guatemala      07/26/04

It was the Garifuna month, April 2003, when the “World Garifuna Organization (WGO)” invited delegates from all over the world to attend their convention in Belize. I happened to be one of those delegates and so was Mr. Gotay, from Guatemala living in New York. During our five days stay Mr. Gotay and myself had many interesting conversations, including his plans to open up a restaurant in Guatemala. more...

UNICEF: AIDS a leading killer in Honduras      07/23/04

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) -- At least 25,500 Honduran children have been orphaned because their parents died of AIDS, according to a UN report issued this week more...

Volunteers upbeat after hijacking      07/22/04

These volunteers spend 10 days to three weeks working on community projects in both El Salvador and Nicaragua. The group had just more...

FEATURE-Honduras cracks down on gangs, but might go too far      07/22/04

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras, July 22 (Reuters) - It's a sweaty day in the tropics, but Joel Miranda is wearing a turtleneck, a long-sleeved dress shirt, blue jeans ... more...

Strange but true      07/22/04

To that end, the Ginger Ninjas plan to ride from northern California to Belize this winter. They will carry ... more...

A bump in the road to prosperity      07/21/04

With a mix of English, Spanish, African and Caribbean culture, language and history, the Bay Islands have more in common with Belize and the Cayman Islands ... more...

Troops to try to quell Honduras clash      07/21/04

President Ricardo Maduro said Tuesday he is sending troops to help police quell a clash between loggers and environmentalists in south ... more...

Nicaragua: Revolution's legacy      07/20/04

It was 25 years ago to the day that the Sandinista guerrilla forces swept the Somoza dynasty from power in Nicaragua. more...

Past vanishes in Honduras      07/20/04

We had driven half an hour down a dusty unmade road from the nearest town and two hours from the El Salvador-Honduras border crossing. ... more...

Political clash kills 1, injures at least 5 in Guatemala      06/24/04

Chaos erupted in the town of Aguacatan after a group of about 1,000 locals resisted Mayor Pablo Escobar's attempts to take city hall. Escobar won his third straight term as mayor during elections in November, but many residents believe he used fraud to steal the election. more...

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