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Juneteenth festival features work of black filmmakers      06/21/04

DALLAS - Young black filmmakers are traveling to North Texas this week as organizers of the Juneteenth Film Festival search for the next Spike Lee. The five-day festival features celebrities such as Steve Harvey and Erykah Badu, more than 20 original films and $50,000 in scholarships. more...

Will anyone ever speak for the enslaved?      06/20/04

The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'COBRA) is set to open its 15th national conference at Howard University on June 17, co-chair Dorothy Benton-Lewis announced. more...

A Tribute Of Their Own About Mr. Reagan      06/20/04

In the shadow of Washington's National Cathedral, two-dozen people gather around a radio to listen to the live broadcast of Ronald Reagan's funeral. more...

Good News in Guatemala?      06/20/04

El Maguey sits less than 20 miles south of sprawling Guatemala City, but it has been home to a fight for land that many associate with isolated indigenous communities. This rich 300 hectares has been worked and nurtured for many years by approximately ninety families, and the struggle culminated with a presidential decree (223-03) on April 9 2003 giving title of the land to those farmers and the community. more...

Belize fires pro-Israel envoy      06/19/04

WASHINGTON - A diplomat in the embassy of Belize in Washington was suspended a month ago for publishing articles in his home press criticizing his government's pro-Palestinian policy. more...

New Hispanic students face handicap      06/18/04

NEW BRUNSWICK: Fredy Reyes, 19, trims hair all day, while Alberto Gonzalez, 18, flips fast-food burgers, but when they finish their shifts, they start their studies in a class that is rarely found in school systems across the nation. more...

Wonderbra firm cuts 4,000 jobs      06/18/04

US bra firm Sara Lee said it is to cut just over 4,000 jobs by closing five clothing factories more...

Day by Day, Laborers Seek Work on West Side      06/18/04

The day laborers gather on Berkeley’s Hearst corridor early in the morning, hours before most of the high-priced shops and trendy cafes in the nearby Fourth Street commercial district open for business. more...

Ethnic cuisine festival planned      06/17/04

Eldy Macariegos is looking forward to an ethnic festival planned later this month as a way for the people of her church, which has members from at least seven different Latino nationalities, to get to know their neighbors better. more...

The Day of Africa in Cuba to be celebrated      06/16/04

Havana, May 12 (AIN) The Cuban culture will pay homage to the permanent faithfulness of the African countries to Cuba in the IV Party for Africa 2004 that will take place in this capital on May 21-23. more...

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