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Brad Pitt has a baby daughter plus Cannes award for his new movie      05/29/06

Brad Pitt has had a weekend to remember: A baby girl on Saturday, a Cannes award going to his new movie on Sunday. more...

Ludacris, Kanye West deny infringing song      05/27/06

Kanye West gave a lesson in hip-hop to federal judge Thursday as he testified at a copyright infringement trial that a 2003 tune he worked on was nothing like a not-so-successful New Jersey group's song. more...

Jamaican Music Legend Desmond Dekker Dies of Heart Attack      05/27/06

Desmond Dekker, the Jamaican singer whose 1969 hit, "The Israelites," opened up a worldwide audience for reggae, died on Wednesday. more...

Namibia goes to extraordinary length for Pitt, Jolie privacy      05/25/06

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have an entire government on their side in the latest celebrity vs. paparazzi skirmish as they await the birth of their child in seclusion at a resort in Namibia. more...

Lost star Rodriguez jailed again      05/23/06

One of the stars of TV drama Lost, Michelle Rodriguez, is to be jailed for the second time in five weeks. In April the actress - who plays Anna Lucia in the second series of the show - spent 65 hours in prison in Hawaii for driving while drunk. more...

Richards home and 'feeling great'      05/22/06

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has returned to his home in the United States after receiving brain surgery in a hospital in New Zealand. more...

Madonna Hangs On A Cross, Knocks World Leaders In Tour Kickoff      05/22/06

A better title for Madonna's Confessions tour might be the Go to Confession Tour, as you feel like you need to by the time the show is over. more...

Rocker's designer trouble      05/21/06

Axl Rose's hard-man reputation has taken a pummelling, with the Guns'n'Roses frontman punched by designer Tommy Hilfiger in a New York nightclub. more...

New Pearl Jam HQ could face demolition      05/21/06

Pearl Jam's new headquarters could face demolition because of the city's plans to build a dump. "We hadn't even finished unpacking and moving into our new space when we heard about the city's waste more...

Freddie and the Dreamers star dies      05/20/06

British pop star Freddie Garrity, former lead singer with 1960s band Freddie and the Dreamers, has died at the age of 69. Garrity died on Friday in hospital in North Wales, his agent said on Saturday. more...

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