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Lil Kim could get 20 years      03/18/05

Hip Hop Honey Lil' Kim, born Kimberly Jones, was convicted of three counts of perjury and one of conspiracy, but acquitted of obstruction of justice. more...

Don't answer      03/17/05

"But we only made one copy," insists Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), who clearly has more in common with Paris Hilton than she realizes. more...

Mamet Directing Dark Comedy      03/16/05

Playwright/Screenwriter/Director David Mamet (Spartan, Wag the Dog, State and Main) has signed on to a new dark comedy at Columbia Pictures entitled The Bones, according to today's Hollywood Reporter. more...

Charges Against Actress Rosario Dawson Dropped      03/15/05

Prosecutors on Tuesday dropped all charges against actress Rosario Dawson stemming from her arrest while filming a protest scene during a real-life rally outside the Republican National Convention. more...

WWE gets Spiked      03/13/05

Spike TV may be the first network for men, but it won't be the last network for the WWE. The former Nashville Network, which rebranded itself as a male-oriented network after its acquisition of RAW and other more...

Edited 'Passion' released      03/12/05

A less graphic version of The Passion of the Christ opened this weekend, two weeks before Good Friday. BY ELAINE DUTKA. Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ became the top grossing R-rated film ever with $611 million in worldwide box-office receipts. more...

FBI closes Notorious B.I.G investigation      03/11/05

The FBI has closed its investigation into the 1997 murder of rap star Notorious BIG, abandoning the theory that a rogue police officer may have been involved in the slaying. more...

DMB Bus Driver Cops Plea      03/10/05

The bus driver for the Dave Matthews Band pleaded guilty on Wednesday to illegally dumping 800 pounds of liquid human waste from the vehicle onto a tour boat on the Chicago River last August. more...

Ja Rule Pleads Guilty To Assault      03/09/05

Ja Rule pleaded guilty to assault in Toronto, Canada and was fined $1,500 for punching a club patron in the eye. According to the Associated Press, Ja said, “I just want to say I apologize more...

Jackson attorneys oppose lifting gag order on Leno      03/08/05

Attorneys for Michael Jackson have formally objected to a request by Jay Leno to exempt the comedian from a gag order so that he can lampoon Jackson's legal woes on "The Tonight Show. more...

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