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3 Doors Down Singer Boasts They'll Outsell The Game Again      02/17/05

When 3 Doors Down frontman Brad Arnold found out he had the #1 album in the country, he did what any self-respecting rock star would do: He ordered a steak. more...

Ray Charles' 'Genius' Grammy triumph clouded by record engineer lawsuit      02/16/05

Just one day after the late Ray Charles' last studio album 'Genius Loves Company' swept the Grammy Awards with 8 posthumous honors, a recording studio engineer filed a breach of contract lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming he was denied proper credit and shut more...

Rock Roiling Oscars      02/15/05

That's the message today from Oscar producer Gil Cates over reports that some members of the Motion Picture Arts & Sciences were rankled by comments that this year's Academy Awards emcee, Chris more...

'Rock Star Sexy': Watching Eve Get Dressed For The Grammys      02/14/05

"I feel like this is the new me," Eve said while slipping into the Roberto Cavalli dress she hoped would help her reintroduce herself at the 47th annual Grammy Awards Sunday. more...

Merkerson leads superb cast in `Lackawanna Blues'      02/12/05

Even the names of the lodgers at Nanny Crosby's boarding house sing: Numb Finger Pete, Shakey Winfield, Mr. Lucious, Ol' Po' Carl, Sweet Tooth Sam and Small Paul. more...

Will Smith is a smooth operator in pleasantly painless romantic comedy 'Hitch'      02/11/05

''Hitch" takes place in a brightly lit New York City where all the men are well groomed and feckless, where all the women nervously clutch a copy of ''He's Just Not That Into You," and where everyone more...

Ray DVD beats box office takings      02/10/05

Oscar-nominated film biopic Ray has surpassed its US box office takings with a combined tally of $80m (£43m) from DVD and video sales and rentals. more...

Jame Dean's Friends Gather on His Birthday      02/09/05

Was the "Rebel Without A Cause" driven to early death because of his rebellious nature? It depends on who you ask. Friends and former co-stars of James Dean disagree on whether more...

Judge postpones Jackson’s trial after death in attorney’s family      02/08/05

Judge Rodney Melville informed the prospective jurors yesterday that the trial of singer Michael Jackson would be delayed by a week following a death in the family of pop star’s lead attorney, Thomas Mesereau. more...

Oscar favourites knocked sideways      02/07/05

The offbeat comedy Sideways unexpectedly snatched a top acting award from Oscar favourites Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator and Ray, when it won the ensemble prize from the Screen Actors Guild on Saturday night in Los Angeles. more...

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