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The other side of slavery      02/06/05

Exactly how did this country's freedom-loving early settlers take a wrong turn at "liberty and justice for all" and end up at slavery? more...

Actor Ossie Davis Dies      02/05/05

Actor Ossie Davis, a central figure among African American performers over the past five decades, has died. He was 87-years-old. He was found dead Friday in his hotel room in Miami, Florida, where he was making a film called Retirement. more...

Rastas hope Marley bash will win Ethiopian friends      02/05/05

When he saw a stage being built in the Ethiopian capital to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Bob Marley's birthday, 53-year-old Belay Kidane began to weep. more...

James Bond finds a director!      02/04/05

The wait is over. The film fans around the world have been fervently referring to as 'Bond 21' -- dispelling any illusions that spy fans could come up with a creative name to express the 21st film in the world's more...

Hot 97's Tsunami Radio Satire Result In Two Employees Fired      02/03/05

The song broadcast on New York's leading hip-hop station, known locally as Hot 97, and put offensive lyrics to the melody of the 1985 charity single "We Are the World. more...

J.Lo and Marc Anthony pair up for Grammys      02/03/05

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who have been mum on their reported marriage, will perform together for the first time at the Grammy Awards later this month. more...

R&B Singer Houston Gouges His Eye Out After Failed Suicide Attempt      02/02/05

R&B singer Houston, whose full name is Houston Summers IV, reportedly gouged out one of his eyes after a failed suicide attempt in a London hotel. more...

Snoop faces $25M lawsuit over alleged drugging, rape      02/01/05

An Emmy-winning makeup artist is suing Snoop Dogg for $25 million, claiming the rapper sexually assaulted her in his dressing room after he appeared on ``Jimmy Kimmel Live. more...

NYC Police Probe Murder Of Emerson Grad      01/31/05

Police are questioning three teenage suspects who admit they were at the scene of the murder of an Emerson College graduate last week in New York City. more...

At Super Bowl halftime, MTV to reveal ... revamp      01/31/05

This year, the only thing MTV is exposing during the Super Bowl halftime is a revamped network. After producing the infamous Janet Jackson halftime show last year, MTV will launch a new look to more...

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