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Report: Jackson Gives DNA      12/05/04

Michael Jackson has reportedly given Santa Barbara County prosecutors a DNA sample. Jackson is facing child molestation charges and authorities executed search warrants more...

Church payout to 87 abuse victims      12/04/04

Catholic leaders have struck what could be a record deal to settle claims of sex abuse. The Catholic diocese of Orange reached an out-of-court settlement in Los Angeles on Friday with 87 alleged more...

Rapper Snoop Dogg tops US chart      12/03/04

Rapper Snoop Dogg has achieved the first chart-topping single of his career in the US charts. The performer's song Drop It Like It's Hot crept up to the top spot after spending four weeks at number two. more...

With gags and gratitude, Brokaw says goodbye      12/02/04

With an admission of his own fallibility, thanks to his staff and viewers for their support and a nod to the mid-20th century men and women he christened "the greatest generation," Tom Brokaw on Wednesday signed off as anchor after more than 20 years more...

A great Canadian voice silenced      12/01/04

Author and broadcaster Pierre Berton, who spent more than five decades chronicling the history of Canada, died yesterday at the age of 84. more...

Brokaw bids farewell to anchor desk      11/30/04

somehow quite comforting to know that venerable newsman Tom Brokaw, who retires Wednesday, gave his parents a few gray hairs once he got to college. more...

Julia Roberts gives birth to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus      11/29/04

Julia Roberts, star of "Pretty Woman", had the "Satisfaction" of giving birth to twins on Sunday. The babies (a boy and girl), although born prematurely, are doing fine. more...

New Band Aid single goes on sale      11/28/04

The new Band Aid single is released in record stores on Monday, with staff poised for a massive rush in sales. The 2004 version of Do They Know It's Christmas? more...

Britons keep buying albums      11/27/04

Defying predictions that Internet piracy would cripple record companies, the British music industry said Friday that the year through September was the best ever 12-month period for album sales. more...

Beyonce goes ga-ga over Jay-Z in new album!:      11/26/04

Beyonce's dad might say that her boyfriend Jay-Z "doesn't care for" her, but his daughter doesn't care if he does for she very much has a soft corner for him more...

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