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Ashlee Simpson flees after talent malfunction on 'SNL'      10/25/04

Singer Ashlee Simpson left the "live" out of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend in an aborted performance that culminated with the singer scrambling offstage after viewers heard her recorded voice -- singing the wrong song -- while her actual mouth stayed more...

Sizemore sued over 'harassment'      10/24/04

Actor Tom Sizemore is being sued for sexual harassment over alleged incidents at the time he was in a US TV crime drama, according to court papers. more...

EMI and other music companies face New York probe      10/23/04

London, New York. EMI Group PLC, the world's third-largest music company, said yesterday it and other music companies faced a New York probe into how music firms influence what songs are played on the radio. more...

'Brooklyn': Bad to the Bone      10/22/04

Second-worst, fifth-worst, eighth-worst? When a musical is this awful, you pore over your personal Book of the Lame: Was "Taboo" this bad? more...

Courtney Love pleads guilty:      10/21/04

After months of battling several legal charges for drug possession, assault and disorderly conduct, troubled rocker Courtney Love has finally admitted to hitting a fan with a microphone during a performance earlier this more...

Cruise makes his mark in Japan      10/20/04

Hollywood star Tom Cruise has become the first foreign actor to have his handprint earmarked for a place on a central Tokyo square resembling Hollywood's Walk of Fame. more...

Etheridge has two cancer surgeries      10/19/04

By wire services. Melissa Etheridge, who recently announced she has breast cancer, is recovering at her California home from two surgeries over the weekend. more...

Judge Orders Britney To Respond To Diet Pill Lawsuit      10/18/04

If Britney Spears fails to respond to a lawsuit, she may be an unintended spokeswoman for diet supplements. Which are closest to your thoughts on Britney Spears? more...

Jamie Foxx surprises as Ray Charles      10/17/04

The actor's rep as the LA host with the most is legendary. "I've thrown parties for Puffy, Mya, Tweet, Jay-Z," he says, ticking off an elite fleet of uni-monikered guests. more...

De Niro no-show for Italian award      10/16/04

US actor Robert De Niro failed to turn up at two film events in Italy, despite flying to the country to attend. The Italian-American film star was due to receive Milan's highest honour, the Golden Ambrosius award, from the city's mayor on Thursday more...

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