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Olsen twins become college freshmen in high style      09/19/04

Mary-Kate and Ashley just want to have as normal a college experience as possible," says the Olsen twins' longtime spokesman, Michael Pagnotta. more...

Home Alone Star Macaulay Culkin On Drug Charges      09/18/04

Former 1990s Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin was jailed Friday after being arrested on drug charges. Culkin, now 24 years old, was arrested with another man while driving in Oklahoma City earlier Friday. more...

Anthony Anderson Accused of Sex Assault      09/17/04

Anthony Anderson, the rotund comedic co-star of "Kangaroo Jack" and the original "Barbershop," has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman who visited him on the set of his TV show last year. more...

Siegfried & Roy star recalls tiger attack nightmare      09/17/04

Illusionist Roy Horn has spoken publicly for the first about the tiger attack that almost ended his life. The Siegfried & Roy star was mauled by tiger pet Montecore when he tumbled during a magic show at Las more...

Bernie Mac takes slug at leading role in '3000'      09/16/04

It took decades for Bernie Mac to become one of America's highest-paid comedy performers, selling out arenas with his irreverent brand of humor. more...

Jamie Foxx takes on Ray Charles      09/15/04

California Deep in the belly of his sprawling ranch home in this modest suburb, past the fleet of luxury automobiles lining the front driveway, past the living room decorated with African art, past the gym and the billiard room, is where Jamie more...

GM, 'Oprah' team up to give away cars      09/14/04

The woman who made Dr. Phil a household name, launched her own magazine and drove countless books onto the best-seller list is lending her golden touch to a new Pontiac midsized sedan made in Michigan. more...

`LAX' actually makes turbulence fun to watch      09/13/04

Most of us spend a lot more time at airports than in emergency rooms or courthouses, and while the hours there are usually routine, the ever-threatening potential for disaster isn't. more...


The last woman standing on the hit NBC reality show, in which 16 contestants competed for a chance to work as an executive for Donald Trump, came to Manhattan with a master's degree in business more...

Friday Box Office Analysis      09/11/04

After a totally blah Labor Day Weekend, the box office looks to be recovering a little bit, with the butt-kicking action of Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Apocalypse leading the way. more...

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