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Don't hang up on "Cellular"      09/10/04

If theatrical releases could run 65 minutes or less, then movies like “Cellular” would flirt with perfection. As it stands, the 95-minute mover-and-shaker vibrantly crackles for the bulk of its fevered more...

Zeta Jones 'stalker' back in court      09/09/04

A woman accused of threatening to kill movie star Catherine Zeta Jones and "feed her to the dogs" is back in court after a judge ruled she was fit to stand trial. more...

Court Rules That All Musical Samples Must Be Paid For      09/08/04

When P. Diddy rapped in 1997 about taking "hits from the 80s," it didn't sound so crazy, because sampling had been an integral part of rap music for years. more...

Twista Injured in Car Accident      09/08/04

Popular rapper Twista has been injured in a car accident that left one of his bodyguards dead. The rapper, whose real name is Carl Mitchell, was in a van that crashed near Erie, Pennsylvania early Monday morning. more...

The 'Donald' returns      09/07/04

Donald Trump says one of the things that has amazed him about his newfound fame from season one of NBC's "The Apprentice" is the kids. more...

CBS faces $550K fine for halftime show      09/06/04

The Federal Communications Commission is getting ready to fine CBS-owned television stations $550,000 total for showing Janet Jackson's infamous halftime show during January's Super Bowl, according to the Washington Post. more...

Johnny Depp Says He Actually Enjoys Aging      09/05/04

Unlike legions of other Hollywood stars, hipster heartthrob Johnny Depp says he actually enjoys aging. The boyish-looking Depp -- who plays the author of "Peter Pan" in more...

Moving Beyond Naming Names      09/04/04

The drama of Kobe Bryant and the woman who accused him of rape in a little Colorado mountain town 14 months ago has moved to new terrain. more...

Andre 3000 Clarifies: He Is Not In New York To Support Bush      09/03/04

Between attending the VMAs in Miami and working on their upcoming HBO film in North Carolina, Outkast has been all over the East Coast in the past week. more...

Bruce Lee recruited to bridge ethnic divides      09/02/04

A statue of kung fu great Bruce Lee will soon be installed in the ethnically divided city of Mostar. Lee is best remembered for taking on dozens of bad guys in a series of kung fu films, including 1973's Enter the Dragon more...

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