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Brosnan retires from Bond      07/28/04

Hollywood hunk Pierce Brosnan has finally retired from the role of movie spy James Bond. The Irish actor hopes by admitting that 2002's Die Another Day was his last Bond film, the media will end the ongoing speculation about his connection to the future more...

Garinet Introduces the “Upcoming Albums” Section      07/28/04

Staying on top of your favorite artists has never been easier! Garinet is proud to introduce the new “Upcoming Albums” section. more...

Garinet Launches Its Electronic Events Tickets Section      07/26/04

If you are an event-goer, you will appreciate the fact that now you can purchase your event ticket right from the convenience of your home and avoid long lines at day of the event. If you are an event promoter, Garinet, now allows you to sell your event tickets online to attract more guests to your event. more...

C-MURDER INDICTED: Rapper faces 50 years for second-degree murder.      07/26/04

*Master P's brother C-Murder (aka Corey Miller) was indicted Thursday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on two counts of attempted second-degree murder, according to a spokesperson for the Baton Rouge district court. If found guilty, the rapper ... more...

Ja Rule In Toronto Police Custody      07/26/04

Rapper Ja Rule will appear in a Toronto courtroom this morning (July 26) to face a charge of assault causing bodily harm. According to a statement from Toronto police, the 28-year-old rapper, whose name is Jeffrey Atkins, turned himself into police ... more...

Garifuna Soul - New Album by Aurelio Martinez      07/26/04

From the producers of the critically acclaimed Paranda album: Stonetree Records proudly presents the long anticipated new album, “Garifuna Soul” by Paranda superstar Aurelio Martinez, one of the most extraordinary and passionate Garifuna artists of his generation. more...

Fahrenheit 9/11' sets new documentary mark, topping $100 million      07/25/04

Michael Moore joined the $100 million club as his political assault "Fahrenheit 9/11" became the first documentary ever to top that mark at the domestic box office. more...

Michael Denies Spawning His Own Jackson Five      07/21/04

Michael Jackson's spokesman denies reports that a surrogate mother is having quadruplets fathered by him. more...

Backing the 'Candidate'      07/21/04

NEW YORK Though the movie was about brainwashed soldiers and power-drunk politicians, the mood couldn't have been lighter at Monday's premiere of the remake of 1962 classic The Manchurian Candidate, opening July 30. more...

Caribbean Xchange on Da Bizniz Magazine Cover Story      07/20/04

When Caribbean Xchange busted onto the Reggae music scene in 2001, they didn’t wait to be invited. more...

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