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Welcome to the Garinet Updates section of

Garifuna/English/Español: The Beginning of Punta Rock/Origen Garifuna Pre-colombino      03/22/05

We have updated out Garifuna Day and Garifuna Recipe section. Jerry Castro has dug into the sources to bring you the information first. Marcia Fernandez-Jones, has prepared the recipe to make atol. Please click on the following links or logon to our website at this moment: more... approaches one million hits in February from over 100 countries      03/07/05

Garinet Global is happy to announce that approaches one million hits this passed month of February, from over one hundred countries around the world. more...

The New and Improved,      12/07/04

We have exciting news for you! The interface of Garinet has been completely revamped. more... is now open      11/29/04

Garinet Global has just launched more...

Garifuna All Stars in the Bronx this Sunday/New offering on      03/20/04

In this email you will find the following: • New Event in the Bronx this Sunday • New products on our catalog • Upcoming info more...

Garinet Interviews the Punta Rock Artist Aziatic      03/04/04

How much do you know about the Punta Rock Artist, Aziatic? more...

Black History Month, new products and more      01/24/04

In this email you will find the following:

. Black History Month
. Exposition by Painter, Greg Palacio
. New products added to Garinet


Scholarships, Pretty Mouse Pads/Problema de tierra en Honduras!      01/22/04

Below you will find the updates from Garinet: more...

New Real Estate webite, new downloadable music and more...      01/16/04

Here’s what you will find in this update:
- New Real Estate website
- New article titled Saving An Endangered Language”
- Upcoming event in New York
- New York party problem article translated by Swamy Blanco
- New downloadable music added


Music Downloads/New Photos and more!      01/06/04

Exiting things are happening on Garinet this year. Here are a few of them: more...

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