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News -> Emergecies

Huge Emergency: Garinet is crying for your support TODAY. (Updated)

By: Garinet
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Updated: 1/5/04

As of this morning, Lenin was taken off the life support system.
As a
result the plan to fly him over in an air ambulance has been cancelled.
are looking at a cost now of $4000.00 for total in funeral expenses. We
accept what has been raised up to this point and apply it toward this
assist the family as we endure this tragedy. Today, Carlos Lenin Sabio
Gonzalez, son, brother, leader and role model sits gracefully next to
Lord in heaven in peace where he will continue his work and watch over
Many thanks to all of you for your support and your readiness and
willingness to help.

Kind regards,

There’s been a huge emergency in the community. Garinet is crying for your support at this very moment.

Carlos Lenin Sabio, a prominent student at University of San Diago and son of Dr. Sabio, was shot in the head en route to Honduras on New Year's Day.

Currently, Lenin is on a life support system and we are in an effort to raise $21,500.00 USD for the transportation of Carlos Lenin Sabio in an Air Ambulance to Honduras where his Mother and Father can see him. The system will be disconnected there and he will be laid to rest.

Any little bit will help, even $1.

Carlos L. Sabio Fund Contribution Information

To donate via Wire Transfer:

Incoming wire transfer instructions:

Send to Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Tel: (800) 826-2624

ABA#: 026009739

To Credit:

Ponce de Leon Federal Bank

2244 Westchester Avenue

Bronx, NY 10459

Account # 0621

For Further Credit to:

Customer Name: Carlos L. Sabio

Account #: 0195017033

To donate via check:

Send check payable to Carlos L. Sabio

Account #: 0195017033

Alternative ways to donate:

- You may also donate via Garinet by clicking on the following button:

- For a limited time Garinet proceeds of any of the following products will also be contributed to this effort. By purchasing any of the products below, you will also be contributing to this effort:

Wamatina Tun - She Is In Love With Me by James Lovell

Any Recipe by Marva Lewis

Any DVD by WCB Home Video

Arabu - Forest - El Monte by Macako

If you personally know anyone that may contribute, you may also request for their assistance by clicking here

We are just trying to reach out to all the people who we know. We apologize for having to ask you for this in this manner. But please, it is Sulma’s wish, it was Lenin’s wish never to pass in the US. He always spoke of returning to Honduras after completing his studies. Lenin was on a full scholarship to finish up his master's degree in Agricultural Engineering here in the US. He was visiting from California where he is completing his studies. He just wanted to spend New Year's Day with his sister here in Brooklyn. After which he was flying to Honduras to spend time with his parents. He did not want to tell his parents when he would be arriving. He wanted to surprise them.

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