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Garifuna youngster mysteriously gets into Super Mario Game/New Music video and first GariTV commercial

By: Jorge Garifuna

Happy Friday,

The ball is starting to roll at

- We have added the new music video, “For a Second” by upcoming Garifuna artists: Skillz, Ramon Guity and B. Rey
- GariTV has produced its first commercial, performed by young Garinagu: Ruben Reyes Jr. and Donaldo Bernardez Jr.
- A new twist to the Super Mario game, a young Garifuna gets inside and jumps bricks (ideal for your Friday entertainment)
- Ruben Reyes Jr. and Donaldo Bernardez Jr., invite you to watch to new music video “For a Second”
- We have added a section to allow website owners to embed GariTV videos directly on their website, by simply copying a piece of code.

Coming in the next few days to

- Interview conducted by Ice and poetry recital of Ruben Reyes Jr.
- Interview conducted by Mirtha Gloria and filmed by Milton Guity Jr. of Garifuna artist and great friend of mine, Ricaman from New York.

Stay tuned for “The Sasamu Show” only on

Until next time,

Jorge Garifuna
Garifuna Community Collaborator
Garinet Global Inc.
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