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Elections are Due

By: Dr. T Aranda
February 3, 2005

Time was when crime and violence struck fear, numbness and shock in us.
Whatever the reasons and however loud the warnings, this nation lost
that era of peace and security and is now faced with ever growing crime,
lawlessness and violence. With all the cry for stronger crime stoppers,
police and detective agents, criminals seem capable of dancing circles
around our preventive measures. I only hope that all of us, throughout
the entire Nation, agree that we are all faced with a criminal surge
that threatens all of us because we face an equally destructive and
devastating debacle.

The Nation has been under severe social unrest, strikes and
demonstrations stemming from accusations of government mismanagement of
public funds, corrupt practices and reneging on salary increases. Some
ministers have even resigned from the Cabinet for government

The crux of the issue is that the government has lost all credibility
and the nation has no confidence in it. Both credibility and
confidence are vital and indispensable for a government in executing its
responsibilities and for governance. There lies the authority to the
power of governing.

Seven ministers simultaneously resigned some months ago. That was a
strong enough message for a government to be recalled. Ours hanged on
against all the accompanying embarrassment and loss of trust. Then
three definitively resigned, and at the heels of that resignation the
serious unrest we have been facing.

Belize cannot go the route of corrupt regimes. They all only enslave
and stagnate the nation. We have a traditional clear understanding and
practice of enforced and constitutional restraint on state powers and
elected officials. Hence there is absolutely no need to blunder and
fumble about constitutional solution to social discontent. We don't
need to test public capacity to further angry demonstrations, and we
surely don't need any leader to recklessly defy public patience into
violence. This nation must tolerate no one and nothing that threatens
national security, development, progress and harmony.

After more than two weeks of stressful unrest, the government has a
clear directive from the public at large and the civil societies.

Resign and call Elections.

World Garifuna Organization (WGO)
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