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First Internet Café in Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras

By: Jorge Garifuna
I loved it in 1984, I loved in 1989, and now, 2004, I love it even more. In 1984, I visited Triunfo de la Cruz for the first time and I felt in love with the place, instantly. I went back in 1989 and stayed for two years. I visited for the fourth and fifth time in 1997 and 2002 subsequently, but I wouldn’t really count those two visits, because my stay was shorter than a day, but this year, 2004, more than makes up for those two short visits.

On Sunday, September 19, 2004 around 7:25PM, Internet presence gets established in Triunfo de la Cruz for the first time in history by Wafadaha Uwara. Although Wafadaha Uwara has been in the plans for about eight years, it started its operation six months ago. This Internet Café, marks Wafadaha Uwara’s first historic project within the Garifuna community.

With over forty active members and growing, Wáfadaha Úwara main objective is to promote the economical, educational and social advancement of the Garifuna people at home and abroad. They will help those in their home town by developing businesses on a small and large scale; promote education through their international affiliates. Wáfadaha Úwara will build the confidence in their members by demonstrating the ability to obtain wealth while providing needed services in their communities.

The Truinfeño community has embraced the much needed project. On a meeting that was held on Friday with the community were some members of Wafadaha Uwara’s were present, namely Jaime Reyes, when Wafadaha Uwara was formally introduce the atendies expres there approval with great enthusiasm and “Wafadahagien Uwara hama (let us roof it together)” in approval of the project.

According to Teofila, a recently lawyer graduate from Triunfo, this Internet Café will save the users a great amount of time and money, since prior to its existence, they would travel to the city of Tela, which is a eight kilometers west from Triunfo and spend money and time on transportation, just to make a call to the United States. Wilson, another Triunfeño, would travel to Tela late nights to call his brother, because those would be the times that his brother would arrive home from work. Neldy would travel to Tela just to check her email, and Darly, did not have an email address to communicate with her family abroad, but she is planning on getting one now that Wafadaha Uwara is local to her.

Wafadaha Uwara’s Internet Café is offering a variety of services to the community, including the ability to make international/national phone calls, unlimited internet access, where students will be able to do research online for their school’s work.

Unlike other neighboring Internet Café, Wafadaha Uwara owns the antenna that provides the access to the Internet and within a few very short months it will expand its investments to other Garifuna communities in the area and other parts of the country.

Wafadaha Uwara is constantly looking for members that are willing to obtain wealth while providing needed services in their communities. To get more information about Wahadaha Uwara or to become a member, you may send an email to

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