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Are your typical daysí activities leading you to success?

By: Jorge Garifuna
Success is defined and interpreted differently by many people. What one person may consider successful, the other may not., defines success as ďThe achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.Ē Whether you agree with this or not is a matter of personal choice, but are your typical dayís activities leading you to success or are they simply sucking the life out of you?

As a Garifuna person living the US, I have come across various successful individuals, attended countless of meetings and read and listened to various success books. After exposing myself to all these, one common theme that I have found among all of them is the ultimate drive to take ACTION for whatever it is, that you want to accomplish.

Taking ACTION is easier said than done. I believe that is Tony Robins that puts it more adequately, ďyou can get excited about lifting 100 pounds, until you get to the gym.Ē In my case, I found this statement to be very true. I recall being excited about something, only to find myself less excited when it came for time to take action. Iím not sure, if Iím the only one that has experienced this, in this world or not, but I observed similar behavior with certain members of my Garifuna community, when I started the Garinet project in the late 90ís, which I will detail in my upcoming book.

I found that taking ACTION, is obviously the ultimate step to achieving anything as if you donít do anything, chances are that nothing will ever happen. Before taking action, however, there are many factors to consider, most notably, WHAT it is that you need to take action about. Many people get so caught up in the details on HOW to do things, before they figure out WHAT it is that they have to do. As a result, they fail to achieve their goals, because the details of the details were not there to proceed.

Personally Iíve been recording my ideas since 1999 on a personal digital assistant (PDA). I usually come up with a new idea every day and store it on my PDA, even if I donít know how to achieve it. When Iím ready to implement the idea, I elaborate, in writing, on the details that I need to accomplish the idea. Once I put it in writing, somehow, it becomes easier for me to find the HOW, to take action.

Success itís not from the planet Mars, nor Pluto. Success is located in a sacred place in between your two ears. Successful people are not smarted than you and I, they only have a CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT way of selecting the activities they get involved in, and taking ACTION to ACHIEVE them.

You need not wait for a miracle to achieve success. If you carefully THINK about WHAT it is that you really want to ACHIVE, put it in WRITING and take ACTION to achieve it, you may find yourself, enjoying the fruits of success on a daily basis. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

About the author:

Jorge Garifuna is a Computer Scientist and Real Estate professional, who loves to serve his Garifuna community. Jorge has served as vice-president of former New York-based, Garifuna youth organization, Lileiti Dufigati, has been the president to Los Angeles-based, Garifuna organization, SONHOCA, and holds membership with various Garifuna organizations, such as Wafadaha Uwara, and national technology organizations, such as ACM and IEEE. Jorge has donated his time to lecture classes about Computer & Internet usage for Garifuna organizations like, MUGAMA. Additionally, Jorge has trained high school students in programming, for national competition, under the BDPA-LA organization.

Jorge is also the CEO of Garinet Global Inc. Garinet has established itself as the major Garifuna Network since it launched in 1999. It currently averages over one million hits per month from over one hundred different countries around the world.

Garinet has consistently created services to enhance the future of the Garifuna community. Through its website, Garinet offers the general public, a multitude of Website services for organizations, businesses, entertainers and family members.

Jorge may be contacted by email at

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