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San Jose Mercury News

"But we only made one copy," insists Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts), who clearly has more in common with Paris Hilton than she realizes. Because, as The Ring Two begins, multiple copies of that pesky videotape -- you know, the one that kills people who watch it and causes all sorts of water damage in their houses -- are suddenly making the rounds. Who's the bootlegger (and does she charge late fees)? Only the waterlogged ghost Samara -- you know, the one who looks like a cross between Ashlee Simpson and Cousin Itt -- knows the truth. But she's not telling. She's much too busy. Commanding a swarm of computer-generated, steroid-pumped reindeer. Climbing out of bottomless wells. Brooding over the fact that her mother once tried to drown her. You know, busy.

A sequel to the surprise 2002 blockbuster The Ring (itself a remake of a 1998 cult Japanese horror movie titled Ringu), The Ring Two deserves at least a small measure of credit: You normally have to wait until the ninth or 10th movie in a franchise to encounter something this inane, lazy and sheerly contemptuous of its audience. The first movie, directed by Gore Verbinski, may have been incomprehensible junk, but at least it was shot through with spooky atmospherics and striking images. This sequel, directed by Hideo Nakata (who directed the Japanese original), is twice as incomprehensible and -- if such a thing is possible -- three times as dumb.

07/13/06 California LULAC Appionts the First Latino of African Decent
06/25/06 New Man of Steel Brandon Routh overcomes his cape fear
06/25/06 Australia's latest bride and joy
06/25/06 High school basketball: A mission from Murfreesboro to Nicaragua
06/22/06 Ghana boots U.S. from World Cup
06/17/06 Troubled Waters Between Honduras and El Salvador
06/17/06 Analysis: Nicaragua elections affect U.S.
06/17/06 Honduras new route for Cubans bound for the U.S
06/14/06 Eminem has eyes on film
06/14/06 High Voltage Boost to Integration
06/10/06 R Kelly 'sex video' will be shown
06/10/06 Louis C.K. could get
06/10/06 El Salvador praises free trade agreement with U.S.
06/07/06 Eclectic Talent Billy Preston Dead at 59
06/07/06 Leader of Honduras Gang Escapes From Jail
06/03/06 India extends Da Vinci Code ban
06/03/06 El-Salvador Heads to Polls
06/01/06 Anna Nicole Cops to Pregnancy
06/01/06 New Die Hard Helmer
06/01/06 Murderous gangs turn urban El Salvador into battlefield
06/01/06 Honduras on Alert over Measles
05/29/06 Patriots prevail at Cannes
05/29/06 Brad Pitt has a baby daughter plus Cannes award for his new movie
05/27/06 Ludacris, Kanye West deny infringing song
05/27/06 Jamaican Music Legend Desmond Dekker Dies of Heart Attack
05/27/06 Bus Fair Strifes Ignite Nicaragua
05/25/06 Namibia goes to extraordinary length for Pitt, Jolie privacy
05/25/06 El Salvador Man Convicted Of Assault After Choking Police Officer
05/23/06 Lost star Rodriguez jailed again
05/23/06 Central America agrees to jaguar corridor

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