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Bringing old school punta music back to life

By: Jorge Garifuna
Some people claim that the old school punta was the real punta, some other ones dismiss it as out of style, but can the old punta music still be rescued?

A visitor from recently wrote “When are you guys going to bring back old punta like, Laruni Hati, Estrellas Ubou, you know music like that, when Punta was punta”

If most people that have had some taste of the classic punta feels this way, what can the Garifuna community do at this point to level up this precious cultural music? Should we just sit back and let it all die, or should we all step up to the plate and make the tradition live on for another 200 years?

In politics, when there is a serious problem that affects the local community, the public is asked to call their local representative to make them aware of their concerns and then the local representative takes the matter to the state level representative, which then takes it to the national level representative, if necessary.

But this is not politics, this is a great culture that is at stake here and having your punta music problems resolved does not need to be that complicated. Garinet Global has already invested years of development of a great system that allows for punta music to be distributed on a global scale, whether you are in Japan, Germany or Argentina.

If you’ve already searched the online catalog and you have not found your old school punta, I would like to ask you for a huge favor:

Please provide us with the name of the band or artist, the name of the album, if known and the contact information (phone or email) of the person in charged of the album, if known and we will do our best to bring your great old school punta music back to life. The more requests we get the higher the priority we will give the album and the more we will fight for you to make that album available.

With a little bit of your input, old school punta can be brought back to life! and you can be an integral part of the process. Make the next 200 years of Garifuna music history be a reality today, by simply providing us with the names of the bands/artists, the name of the album, if known and the contact information (phone or email) of the person in charged of the album, if known.

You may send your information to:

To search the punta music catalog of, please visit:

About the author:

Jorge Garifuna is a Computer Scientist and Real Estate professional, who loves to serve his Garifuna community. Jorge has served as vice-president of former New York-based, Garifuna youth organization, Lileiti Dufigati, has been the president to Los Angeles-based, Garifuna organization, SONHOCA, and holds membership with various Garifuna organizations, such as Wafadaha Uwara, and national technology organizations, such as ACM and IEEE. Jorge has donated his time to lecture classes about Computer & Internet usage for Garifuna organizations like, MUGAMA. Additionally, Jorge has trained high school students in programming, for national competition, under the BDPA-LA organization.

Jorge is also the CEO of Garinet Global Inc. Garinet has established itself as the major Garifuna Network since it launched in 1999. It currently averages over one million hits per month from over one hundred different countries around the world.

Garinet has consistently created services to enhance the future of the Garifuna community. Through its website, Garinet offers the general public, a multitude of Website services for organizations, businesses, entertainers and family members.

Jorge may be contacted by email at

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