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Phoenix books Folsom gig with 'Walk the Line'      12/22/05

Nearly four decades after Johnny Cash recorded his groundbreaking live album "Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison," 20th Century Fox will screen its Cash biopic more...

Violence Erupts At Biggie Duets Party      12/22/05

Police are still investigating three stabbings at a record release party for Notorious BIG's "Duets" album. Sources say bling or a woman might have been at the center of the incident. more...

Cheaper by the Dozen 2      12/21/05

"Cheaper by the Dozen 2" is the kind of title, like "The Other Side of the Mountain," that starts you wondering why they didn't call it "This Side of the Mountain. more...

Foxx's singing is no act      12/20/05

Actors trying to sing makes about as much sense as ballerinas trying to join the pro wrestling circuit. Witness: Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner and scores of others, whose albums more...

Hamilton finds success his own way      12/18/05

Despite disappointments, Anthony Hamilton has remained committed to heartfelt, soul-searching music. Fans are finally connecting with him. more...

Jessica Simpson files divorce papers in L.A      12/18/05

Actress and singer Jessica Simpson filed for divorce on Friday from her husband, former pop star Nick Lachey, citing irreconcilable differences. more...

Williams' funeral scheduled for Tuesday in Los Angeles      12/17/05

A memorial service for Stanley Tookie Williams, the convicted killer who was executed earlier this week at San Quentin Prison, has been scheduled for Tuesday. more...

Actor John Spencer of 'West Wing' dies of heart attack in LA      12/17/05

John Spencer had much in common with the character he played on "The West Wing": both men were driven, recovering alcoholics who seemed to have rebounded from their health problems. more...

EW review: Get out your hankies for 'The Family Stone'      12/16/05

Which came first: the national yearning for an idealized Christmas gathering -- and I do mean Christmas -- in which photogenic, dysfunctional family members reunite more...

Eminem Scores Fourth #1 Bow With Curtain Call      12/15/05

producing other artists' material. Nearly four months later, the rapper has released a retrospective collection featuring a handful of fresh tracks, slapped with the ominous title Curtain Call. more...

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