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'Sopranos' actor pleads guilty      11/21/05

"Sopranos" actor Vincent Pastore pleaded guilty on Monday to attempted assault on his girlfriend and was sentenced to community service and to undergo therapy for anger management. more...

Crips founder's fight for clemency      11/20/05

The crime photos tell a tale of shotgun brutality: The bloody torso of 7-Eleven clerk Albert Owens, shot twice in the back from close range. more...

Blake liable in wife's death, civil jury says      11/19/05

They were awarded $30 million in damages Friday after a Superior Court jury found actor Robert Blake responsible for her death, months after a jury in a separate criminal case found him not guilty. more...

DMX Sentenced To 70 Days Behind Bars      11/18/05

DMX was facing 60 days behind bars on New York's Rikers Island - 40 days if he was lucky. But after showing up late for his sentencing on Thursday, the rapper could instead face up to a year in jail. more...

Adamson's movie gift to Jackson      11/17/05

and it is not King Kong. Jackson wants a ticket to the NZ$210 million adaptation of CS Lewis' children's story The Chronicles of ... more...

Gangsta rap bosses 'used record label to launder drugs money'      11/16/05

gangsta rap impresarios behind the chart-topping stars Ja Rule and Ashanti went on trial yesterday, accused of using their Murder Inc record label to launder money for a notorious New York drugs baron. more...

At the Movies: 'Pride and Prejudice'      11/15/05

Forget "Domino." Keira Knightley probably would like to, as would most critics for whom the movie continues to replay in our brains like some deafening psychotic episode. more...

Stewart's 'Apprentice' is fired      11/14/05

Sources said that NBC has passed on ordering another round of episodes of the Stewart-hosted edition of "The Apprentice" from Mark Burnett Prods. more...

Mariah Wins Big, Mary J. Gets Emotional At Peaceful Vibe Awards      11/14/05

trophies, including Album of the Year for The Emancipation of Mimi, her smash rebound after the relatively disappointing Glitter (2001) and Charmbracelet (2002). more...

"Kung Fu Hustle" wins at Chinese Oscars      11/13/05

Martial arts comedy "Kung Fu Hustle" won the best film title at the Chinese-language version of the Oscars on Sunday, becoming the biggest winner at the Golden Horse ceremony in Taiwan. more...

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