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Dr. Dre Attacker Hit With Year In Jail      09/15/05

Jimmy James Johnson - the man who punched hip-hop producer Dr. Dre in the face at the Vibe Awards last November ‭as paid a pretty price for throwing the fist: he received a one year jail sentence on Wednesday. more...

Gatemouth Brown Dies      09/14/05

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, perhaps the most versatile of all blues-based musicians, died Saturday at age eighty-one of complications from lung cancer and heart disease. more...

Spokeswoman: Still no Britney baby      09/14/05

A frenzy of reports that pop princess Britney Spears had given birth to a baby are false, according to a spokeswoman. American radio sent rumours flying with reports that Spears had been admitted to hospital for a caesarean. more...

Ang Lee tops Venice festival awards      09/12/05

Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain," a homosexual romance set in the mountains of Wyoming, won the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion Award on Saturday, beating festival favourite George Clooney for the top prize. more...

Music stars Gwen Stefani, Beyonce look their best at Fashion Rocks      09/11/05

When fashion rocks, singers-turned-designers Gwen Stefani and Beyonce pull out all the stops. more...

Actors heap praise on Cronenberg      09/11/05

Viggo Mortensen doesn't mince words when you ask him what it was like to work with Canadian director David Cronenberg on A History of Violence: "It was the best thing I've been involved in," he answers. more...

Katrina Telethons: Must-See TV      09/10/05

In the end, Friday's multi-network Hurricane Katrina fundraiser was all about the victims of the unprecedented disaster--not Kanye West. more...

Wonder sings at Vandross memorial      07/09/05

Singers Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin were among stars and hundreds of fans paying tribute at a memorial to the late soul star Luther Vandross. more...

Society's hostess extraordinaire dies at 74      07/06/05

Nan Kempner was San Francisco's most famous social export -- a character straight out of Tom Wolfe's "The Bonfire of the Vanities. more...

‘Pocket Grable’ June Haver dies at 79      07/06/05

June Haver, the sunny blond star of 1940s musicals who was promoted as the next Betty Grable but gave up her career to briefly enter a convent, has died. more...

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