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Sundance doles out prizes to top films      01/30/05

The 2005 Sundance Film Festival announced the winners of its juried prizes - among them Ira Sachs' "Forty Shades of Blue" and Eugene Jerecki's "Why We Fight" - on Saturday night, as well as its audience-voted awards. more...

The unexpected puts magic in TV movie      01/29/05

For everyone who complains there's nothing good on TV, that the medium is nothing but filth and smut, CBS has the perfect TV movie for you. more...

Aliens of the Deep      01/28/05

Who's the alien here? The jellyfish-ish thing in the foreground, or the underwater mechanical capsule in the background? You decide, in the 3-D IMAX film, "Aliens of the Deep. more...

Dick Clark released from hospital      01/27/05

"American Bandstand" icon Dick Clark is recuperating at home after a minor stroke put him in the hospital for more than seven weeks. more...

Hot 97 heavily criticized over offensive tsunami song      01/26/05

continued to be criticized Wednesday for a song a morning deejay played last week that made fun of victims of the South Asian tsunami more...

Rap mogul, drug kingpin face charges in drug money investigation      01/26/05

Federal authorities planned to unveil charges Wednesday that the platinum-selling label behind artists Ashanti and Ja Rule laundered the profits of a drug operation protected by calculated street assassinations. more...

Virgin Wants "So-So" Jermaine Dupri      01/25/05

After receiving offers from Island Def Jam and Warner Music Group, Jermaine Dupri has inked a deal to become head of Urban Music at Virgin Records. more...

Final curtain for 'king of late night'      01/23/05

Johnny Carson, the smooth Nebraska-bred enigma who became America's cherished late-night totem and one of the world's most popular entertainers in an extraordinary 30-year run as host of "The Tonight Show," died Sunday at his home in Malibu. more...

Osama's book on al-Qaeda to be out next year!:      01/23/05

Soon the world will be able to read all about Al-Qaeda in a book written by Osama Bin Laden himself. more...

Trump's royal wedding      01/22/05

Today’s royal wedding of billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump and a European fashion model Melania Knauss stands out as the high point of the high-society season more...

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