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Whitney in Fender-Bender      12/16/04

Whitney Houston did a bang-up job yesterday. And we're not talking about her career. The superstar chanteuse literally got into a minor scrape Wednesday, rear-ending a bus with her sports car near her home in Alpharetta, Georgia. more...

Police Recover Blake Attorney's Stolen Computer      12/15/04

Police have recovered the laptop computer stolen from actor Robert Blake's attorney on the eve of his murder trial, a theft that delayed the start of the proceedings by two weeks, officials said on Tuesday. more...

Famed New York hawk could regain his perch      12/14/04

A celebrated red-tailed hawk evicted last week from his upscale New York digs is getting professional design help for his bid to move back to the ritzy Upper East Side apartment building where his nest was perched. more...

Elton John cancels shows after losing voice      12/13/04

Singer Elton John has been forced to cancel a second date on his UK concert tour, due to illness. John is suffering from a throat infection, which has resulted in the loss of his voice. more...

Local actor hits screen in movie '3'      12/12/04

For all the anticipation surrounding Saturday night's premiere of "3" (the Dale Earnhardt story), perhaps no one was more excited about seeing the movie than Cherry Grove resident Frank Glidden. more...

'Blade' writer ready for a new weapon      12/11/04

''Blade: Trinity" is a schlock comedy about vampires and the physically fit people who hunt and kill them. Things blow up, the blood runs faster than Marion more...

‘Ocean’s Twelve’ heists clever sendup At the movies      12/10/04

Just as most caper movies end with the thieves comfortably basking in retirement, so most sequels to caper movies begin with the thieves forced to go back to work and pull one more job. more...

Jermaine Dupri Producing All-Star 'We Are The World' Sequel      12/09/04

Attention all top-flank recording artists: One of music's top-flank producers needs a little help for a great cause; he wants to make history - again. more...

China kicks up stink over Nike footwear ad      12/07/04

China has kicked up a stink over a Nike footwear advertisement in which US basketball star LeBron James takes on and subdues a series of traditional Chinese characters ranging from a cartoon kung fu master to a couple of dragons. more...

Williams Off to Strong Start for NBC      12/06/04

In his first night in the anchor chair, Brian Williams picked up where Tom Brokaw left off. "NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams" averaged 11.7 million viewers more...

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