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Diddy Ordered To Pay 35k Per Month In Child Support      10/06/04

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs lost his court battle with the mother of his first child, fashion stylist Misa Brim and has been ordered to pay $35,000 a month in child support. more...

Eminem Beefs Up 'Encore'      10/06/04

Although details remain tightly under wraps, has learned Eminem's upcoming album, "Encore," will be available in a special collector's edition. more...

TV can cover Zeta 'stalker' case      10/05/04

TV cameras will be allowed to film pre-trial hearings in the case of a woman accused of stalking actress Catherine Zeta Jones, a judge has ruled. more...

3 decades of hip-hop      10/04/04

Any question you may have had about hip-hop music, but were afraid to ask, is about to be answered. The intensely personal, often controversial genre gets a thorough examination in "And You Don more...

Billy Joel Weds Katie Lee on Long Island      10/03/04

Joel, 55, met Lee, 22, a recent graduate of Ohio's Miami University, last year and Joel proposed while on a Caribbean vacation in January, reported the New York Post Sunday. more...

'Boston Legal' rises from ashes of 'The Practice'      10/02/04

Television's been entertaining us for well over 50 years now, so not much happens for the first time anymore. But David E. Kelley might have done something unprecedented with "Boston Legal. more...

Beyonce is injured practicing dance steps      10/01/04

Beyonce tore her right hamstring rehearsing dance moves with Destiny's Child, and her injury could delay some of the group's planned activities. more...

DiCaprio assault case thrown out      09/30/04

A long-running legal case over Leonardo DiCaprio's alleged involvement in a street fight has been thrown out by a US judge. The film star and two other men were sued for $45m more...

In 'Hill,' Diggs proves to be a charming father figure      09/29/04

It's debatable whether TV really needs another lawyer series in the manner of "Ally McBeal." It's not debatable, however, whether TV needs Taye Diggs, more...

Keeping it real in 'Ladder 49'      09/28/04

John Travolta can't see the hand before his face, but he can feel the heat. He thinks he hears someone to his right, though it could just be a voice bouncing off a wall more...

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