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Actor scorns US movie business      09/27/04

Gael Garcia Bernal makes no bones about how he is doing after three days of duty at the Toronto Film Festival. "I am, as you say, toast," he says, and his looks seem to prove it. more...

CBS fine fires up desires for strict federal nanny      09/27/04

Well, smack my chest and call me Janet: It seems parents are worried about what their kids see on TV. Last weekend, the media was atwitter over a new Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation survey that found a majority more...

Hendrix estate cuts off rock star's brother      09/26/04

A bitter family feud over the estate of the rock legend Jimi Hendrix has ended after a judge ruled that the guitarist's brother has no right to a share of the star's royalties. more...

'T4' Producers Hope Schwarzenegger 'Will Be Back'      09/25/04

He has his hands full as governor of Kah-lee-forn-ee-ah, but producers of the next "Terminator" movie are talking to Arnold Schwarzenegger in hopes that he'll be back more...

Nelly Up, Sales Down      09/25/04

The math goes two times two for Nelly, as the hip-hop maven carves himself a record-setting feat in Billboard chart history. But even with his pair of albums delivering more...

Shaun of the Dead      09/24/04

Seeming like a pub-lubed pilot for a BBC sitcom called "Blimey, They Eat Flesh!," "Shaun of the Dead" allows director and writer Edgar Wright and his previous collaborator, cute star and writer more...

Robert Downey Jr gets his singing act together!      09/23/04

Robert Downey Jr is all set to release his solo album to showcase his talent for singing, besides his acting skills. According to Eonline, the 10-song collection by Sony Classical will consist of eight Downey more...

'Survivor' Flunks the 'CSI' Rerun Challenge      09/22/04

It was only the final week of the summer TV season, but it smelled like the end of an era, what with the Primetime Emmy Awards and Miss America pageant both dying painfully. more...

The Emmys Watch, or Not      09/21/04

The 56th annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night scored the franchise's smallest audience -- about 14 million viewers -- since the disaster of 1990. more...

Britney Spears Weds For Second Time In 9 Months      09/20/04

Britney Spears, who rose to stardom singing "Oops! ... I Did It Again," has once again tied the knot, the second marriage in nine months for the multi-platinum artist. more...

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