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Oprah Reports For Jury Duty      08/16/04

Authorities at the Cook County Criminal Court let the talk show host in through a special entrance this morning to avoid the crowds at the courthouse. more...

Thousands say goodbye to "Super Freak" singer Rick James      08/15/04

NY Grammy Award-winning Funk singer Rick James has been laid to rest in his hometown of Buffalo, where before his hit, "Super Freak," he was a choir boy from the projects with a soft spot for his mother. more...

Seven-Year-Old Lawsuit Catches up with Snoop Dogg      08/14/04

It hasn't been a good week for Snoop Dogg. He's in the news for the second time this week as a seven-year-old lawsuit comes back to haunt him. He first made headlines this week when he settled a lawsuit in regards to his Girls Gone Wild Doggy more...

Stroke Can't Stop Isley Brother      08/06/04

Ronald Isley isn't going to let a little stroke get in the way of his passion for performing. The longtime lead vocalist for the Isley Brothers suffered a stroke in London last Friday, but is recovering swiftly, according to a statement more...

The New Band, Los Monjes Del Templo Are Forming Like Voltron      08/06/04

Each individual is unique and bring to the table a set of years of experience from the music industry. They call themselves, “Los Monjes del Templo,” but who are they really, you may ask? Well no other than the legendaries, J King, Gadu Nunes, Tulio Laboriel and a few other yet unannounced members. more...

Don't Go In The Water, Again: Chris Kentis' frightening      08/05/04

As the summer heads into the home stretch, what better way to end it than seeing a film that will keep you out of the water. Toying with our most primal fears and reminding us how puny we are against the power of nature, "Open Water" more...

Usher Swipes Success      08/02/04

Usher's success seems to know no bounds. Mr. Entertainment is holding strong on the radio, video and sales charts, and now he's venturing into business with MasterCard and Bankfirst. more...

Nicolas Cage Marries Korean-American      08/01/04

Nicolas Cage, who won a best actor Oscar for ``Leaving Las Vegas''in 1995, wed Korean-American Alice Kim on Friday at a private ceremony on a ranch in Northern California, according to reports. more...

Anthony Anderson charged with rape      07/29/04

The 33-year-old actor was accused by an unidentified woman of luring her into a trailer on the Memphis, Tennessee, set of his latest film, Hustle And Flow, and sexually assaulting her with the film's assistant director, Wayne Witherspoon. more...

Jay-Z, Beyonce lead MTV nominations      07/28/04

Rap star Jay-Z leads the bandwagon with a cool six nominations for 99 Problems, reports People magazine. more...

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