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Irufumali: La doctrina esotérica Garifuna

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Caribbean Xchange on Da Bizniz Magazine Cover Story      07/20/04

When Caribbean Xchange busted onto the Reggae music scene in 2001, they didn’t wait to be invited. more...

Ras-Z Interview      06/14/04

Inspired by the music of legendary garifuna artist Pen Cayetano, Ras-Z started his own musical journey that is now 3 decades strong. more...

Festival brings world music, food and art to City Park      06/14/04

What was once a celebration of reggae rhythms has migrated well beyond the Caribbean. more...

Tributes pour in for Ray Charles      06/11/04

Charles died in Los Angeles at the age of 73 battled childhood poverty, blindness and heroin addiction, but was one of the chief architects of soul music - which become one of America's most enduring musical forms. more...

Source: FCC Settles With Clear Channel      06/09/04

Federal regulators have reached a record settlement with the nation's largest radio chain to resolve a number of indecency complaints against Howard Stern and other radio personalities, according to a source familiar with the deal. more...


BelizeanArtist.Com (The Foundation Of A New Generation) was founded to promote and support Belizean Talent like never before. Draw the world's attention to our unique diversity in race, culture and heritage by spotlighting, encouraging and nurturing the gifts that our country has to offer. more...

KARRIBIUS      04/14/04

KARRIBIUS , pronounced: KA-REE-BE-USS, is a Los Angeles based music group representing Belize, Central America and all surrounding Caribbean Countries. more...

Caribbean xchange      04/14/04

Caribbean xchange truly embody the phrase "gorilla marketing". From apollo to the chicago thanks giving parade all the way to the australia sweet reggaefest. more...

Thug Angelz      04/14/04

Born in Belize City, and now residing in Los Angeles, California; Thug Angelz started rapping in 1995. All cousins and in their early 20's, 2 Centz , Sic-N-Da-Head , I.N.I , started to audition for shows as an innovative hip-hop group. more...

WessTrybe      04/14/04

WessTrybe is an electrifying group of young dancehall, reggae and hip-hop artist that have been rocking the West Coast club scene since the late 90's. WessTrybe are Belizean born artist, based in Los Angeles, CA. more...

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