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Welcome to the entertainment section of! In this section you will find information about all your entertainment needs. Enjoy!

Bounty Don      04/14/04

Bounty Don, born Jason Rodriguez in the Stann Creek District of Belize in a household of thirteen children. He was still in the tender infancy stages of his life when his father's occupation as a member of the Belize Police Force led to the relocation of his family to Belize City. more...

Wagiameme Performing Troupe      04/14/04

Wagiameme Performing Troupe is a group of youth ages 12-21. "Wagiameme" a Garifuna word that means, "still us" reflects the philosophy of the group. We believe that we can still maintain our heritage despite being away from our homelands. Members represent the diverse immigrant population of Los Angeles. more...

Caribbean Dynamics      04/14/04

The Caribbean Dynamics Band plays reggae, soca, Punta Rock, souls, romantics, cumbias and basically every Caribbean sounds that exist. more...

Punta Dan      04/14/04

Rafael Martinez Jr. (Punta Dan) was born on February 24 th 1978 in the beautiful Village of Sitte River. His parents are Rafeal Martinez Sr. of Hopkins Village and Myrtle Lambey. Rafael grew up in Cayo, Orange Walk, Seine Bight and the little village called San Jose Succotz. more...

Fleshless      04/14/04

" Fleshless " aka Denton McKoy, acclaimed the Prince Dancehall Reggae, was born in the small southern town of Independence, Belize. Fleshless was introduced to the riveting sound of Dancehall Reggae at the tender age of ten when he heard the infectious sounds and captivating lyrics of profound musicians like Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Spraga Benz, Lady Saw and Buju Banton. more...

Aziatic Interview - Part II      03/24/04

This is Parrt II of the exclusive one on one interview with the one and only Aziatic, Punta Rock Artist. more...

Aziatic Interview - Part I      03/04/04

This is Part I of an exclusive one on one interview with the one and only Aziatic, Punta Rock Artist. more...

Tic Tac Toe Game      11/11/03

This game is for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you are a gamer, just play. more...

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