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Jessica Simpson in $100m lawsuit      04/12/06

A US clothing company is suing singer Jessica Simpson for $100m (£56m) for breach of contract for failing to promote their brand. more...

Exclusive: Gossip Writer Says, 'I Was Set Up'      04/09/06

Embattled New York Post gossip columnist Jared Paul Stern has come out swinging against the billionaire playboy he's been accused of trying to extort $220,000 from in return for favorable coverage on the powerful gossip page. more...

Designer lawsuit for Melanie Griffith      04/08/06

A designer is suing Melanie Griffith because he claims that she refused to pay a $26,000 bill for dresses made for the Golden Globes. more...

Da Vinci film faces ban in Korea      04/08/06

A religious group in Korea has applied for a provisional injunction to stop the release of the movie version of the novel The Da Vinci Code. more...

Apple sells Red Hot Chili Peppers concert tickets on iTunes      04/04/06

Apple and Warner Bros. announced on Tuesday announced pre-orders for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new double-album Stadium Arcadium. more...

Couric Eyeing CBS Gig      04/04/06

The Today show cohost is ready to bolt from her early-morning gig at NBC to take over the CBS Evening News, where she'll become the first solo female anchor of a traditional network evening newscast. more...

Suge Knight Facing Possible Jail Time, Loss Of Death Row Records      04/02/06

Death Row Records CEO Marion "Suge" Knight missed another court-ordered hearing on Friday (March 31), to determine the legal ownership of the pioneering rap label. more...

9/11 movie to have New York premiere      04/01/06

A movie charting the last moments of the ill-fated 9/11 flight that crashed in Pennsylvania has been awarded a fitting premiere at the New York film festival established in the wake of the terrorist atrocity. more...

A Conversation with Spike Lee      04/01/06

Spike Lee, photographed in March at the New York premiere of his film. Getty Images. Spike Lee with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington on the set of 'Inside Man. more...

Hip-hop 'power couple' separating      04/01/06

A so-called "power couple" of hip-hop music have announced their separation after seven years of marriage. Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records, and fashion model Kimora Lee have two daughters. more...

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