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Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management

Discover the secret of how New York City teacher Lydia Sacasa Hill
turned a classroom of out-of-control, at-risk teenagers into a functioning,
focused class whose SFA reading test scores went up over two full grade levels
in the first three months of school.

Yes, it actually happened--in an inner city middle school
in which students were unmotivated, disrespectful and prone to violence.

Lydia Sacasa Hill transformed "the worst class in school" through the promotion of
self-confidence and self-esteem among the students... and the determination for both
her students and herself to succeed.

NOT ONLY can you order "Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management" right now
and download the book instantly for 47% OFF the price of a hard copy,
we will ALSO give you a free bonus for ordering right away (keep reading)!

In this book, you'll find out how Lydia:

  • Influenced and motivated her students through what she said and what she did.

  • Succeeded with her students, regardless of the odds that were against her
    (parental resistance and the school culture, which had convinced everyone involved,
    even the students, that this class was a hopeless cause).

  • Got support from hostile or apathetic parents.

  • Freed her students from "Victim consciousness," helped them to develop self-esteem,
    and got them to take responsibility for their behavior in class, their actions outside of class
    and even the management of the classroom itself.

  • Kept her students from floundering aimlessly in school by helping them find purpose!

    "BUT," you say, "I've had classroom management courses before!

    So why buy this book?"

    It's true! You’ve received all the manuals and taken all the workshops in classroom management,
    but have you ever heard it first hand from a teacher who walked into the lions’ den
    and helped them become lambs? Now you can read what she did,
    actual conversations she had with her students, and her secret
    for turning unmotivated, at-risk students, some of whom were repeating the grade level for the third time,
    into motivated, focused young people who believed in themselves.

    All the classroom management systems are fine, but when the chips are down,
    it’s the human interaction between student and teacher that really makes the difference!

    "Ah!" you say. "But I'm so tired of slogging through stuffy, academic manuals!"

    NOT THIS TIME! "Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management" is written in
    a delightful, first-person, storytelling style that makes you feel like you are
    right there in the classroom, conquering the problems yourself.

    And a Special Bonus if you order now.

    If you order right now, we will also send you, absolutely free,
    a Multiple Intelligences template for you and your students' self assessment as our special thank you
    for your order. You and your students will be able to use this tool to assess
    their dominant intelligences and help you and them to focus both their work in class
    and, ultimately, the direction of their lives.

    This bonus will not be available for long, so order your copy of
    "Sunrise at 602: Enlightened Classroom Management" now, and be among the first
    to get this incredible assessment tool absolutely free with your order!

    But wait! There's even more!

    Either before or after ordering, sign up below to receive our free newsletter--
    "The Journal for Enlightened Education: New Realities for Our Children."
    Receive current news items, tips on teaching, announcements of events, course offerings,
    funding opportunities for school programs, job listings, and much more.

    Still not sure?? Then go ahead!!
    Read Chapter 1, absolutely free.

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