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Samsung SGH-P730 Triband GSM World Phone Unlocked Model: p730

64 Polyphonic Ringtones

Imagine the sound of a small symphony or your favorite singer calling out your tune in perfect harmony. The SGH-P730's 64 polyphonic ringtones will make your calls ring through in clarity. This 'best in the market' sound will make the difference clear as you relish the sound of the call to arms.

MP3 Player

Download the sound. Your favorite tracks are always with you as SGH-P730 is capable of carrying your MP3 files to track the night away.

MMS with Video Messaging

Sometimes the text isn't enough. When it comes to messages and the P730, there's more to video messaging than meets the eye. It enables you to send multimedia messages with text, voice, music, images and even video clips of up to 100KB per message. Send and receive video in comfort and let the SGH-P730 get your point across.

JAVA & 3D Games

Take a moment to relax and enjoy the pleasure of the SGH-P730. When entertainment is on your mind, experience Samsung's SGH-P730's Java MIDP 2.0 to unwind to the included games like Bubble Smile, Fun2Link and Mobile Chess or download new adventures for your ultimate enjoyment. You can also enjoy embedded 3D games such as Metalion, Bomb and Zio Golf.
Swiveling Design

Turn around to a sensation in style with the spiral slide of our newest mobile. The SGH-P730 integrates a swiveling design for a twist of technology and a design with a difference. Creating new standards in mobile units, the SGH-P730 leads the industry with its design, camcorder and Megapixel camera. A color of light silver mirrors the bright outlook of this beauty as you flip it open to find the exceedingly attractive, premium design fits smoothly and easily into the palm of your hand with a true twist for your fashion revolution.

Futuristic Design

With a sharp looking, soft curved exterior, the SGH-P730 makes you a trend leader in technology. The SGH-P730 was designed to make a statement that you're a leader as it combines its sleek spin in design with Samsung's built-in digital camera and a high-quality TFD color screen, all in a futuristic and sophisticated handset.
The future of mobile communication is here for you.


Roll on with the sound the glory…The easy to carry SGH-P730's CIF capable camcorder also offers as you stay mobile and play with sound in full motion. Recording up to 60 minutes of motion, you can even record with a twist-the screen at a 90 degree angle-for a wider view. Then zoom in or pan out as you record with an 'in-motion' 4x video zoom. With an industry-high maximum quality CIF mode, the vibrant color and fluid motion of the shots will capture more than the clip. It'll tap into your imagination.
Directional MIC

Tap into the possibility of Directional MIC for more vivid voices and sounds. Make it feel real. Combined with the camcorder, the Directional MIC's functionality will let you record your motion and voice clearly even as you move away from the phone. Say it in style and hear it better than ever with the SGH-P730.

262K Color TFD Internal Screen

A view with a thrill...The incredible 262K color TFD screen will flow from your 1.8" TFD screen to brighten the sight of all your adventures. View vivid images and video from your friends' exploits or the powerful built-in camera in all the detail you always desired. See every facet of your creations so you can catch the flaws and the strengths before you send it off or save it for remembrance.

Weight: 3 lb

Cell Phone
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I ordered nine of your books online from the comfort of my apartment around midnight, and I could swear that as I was turning off my computer, there was a knock at the door announcing that the books had arrived!

Michelle Forbes

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