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Maestro X

La fruta - Reggaeton Beliceño

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  1. no va parar
  2. dime amor
  3. damelo todo
  4. dimelo
  5. la llamada
  6. la fruta
  7. vive
  8. manos vacia
  9. caprichosa
  10. vuelve
  11. mi debilidad
  12. menea
  13. dimelo 2
  14. la fruta 2

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Acerca de Maestro X

Out of Madona's "Isla bonita", imergies - Maestro X - 'Alex Jason Noralez'. Born the 21st March 1978 at Stann Creek to Lydia Yolanda Noralez, who shortly moved to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye "La Isla Bonita". While being educated at la Isla Bonita (a spanish speaking community, and being born to a mother with Honduran back ground, he grew fond of the Spanish Language which he prefers to write music in. It can be said that he is the only Reggaeton recording artist out of the island and is filtering his way through the small country of Belize and neighbouring borders with his hits Corazon Delinquent & Mama " song dedicated to his mother who passed away in January 2004. His life has revolved around two things apart from studies: football and music. He was leader of several bands in the island and decided to form a group to do recording, since keeping bands together became a head ache and a burden. He sold the idea to his 2 childhood friends and formar band collegues who accepted the idea a 100%. David Aguilar, Nestor Rivero & Alex J. Noralez enthusiastically formed "DNA" and recorded Corazon Delinquente, a compilation of songs Alex had written and new once they wrote together, in August 2004. The island was astonished and embraced the album although the recording quality was inferior. Not to mention, they appeared at several local function, talk shows and the island's pride, LaCosta Maya Festival. Things took a sudden twist due to his work and he had to move out of his loved island to reside in the mailand. He tried to keep contact with his childhood buddies but they, disillusioned, showed reluctancy to continue. However, a push was made and on December, Alex recorded his second album at a local house studio in Belize where he includes 14 tracks he wrote emmidiately after Corazon Delinquente. He plans to release this album in May of 2005. The name Maestro X arrieses from his proffession, he has been a teacher for the last 3 yrs and is the next best thing in his list of likings. He has formed his own record label, MX Records and wishes to have his own record studio when he retires. His Knowledge of music, he owes to Tim Budd former music teacher at San Pedro High School and David Aguilar. All his lyrics reflect his life and situation he is faced with which he expresses mostly in the theme of love. He has a daughter Vivian, who lives with her grandmother, and is trying to mend things with her mom, Sylvia. He is a generally out going person and has high respect for the supernatural. Like all recording artists he aspires to make it big in music. for booking call ozzy smith aka spice 718 300-7036


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When I discovered, I was delighted to find a community-driven site devoted to all things Garifuna. Your company seems to offer the most comprehensive inventory of Garifuna books, music, and video available on the internet.

Carey Little
San Jose, CA

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