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Johnny Depp Says He Actually Enjoys Aging
Sep 05, 2004
Unlike legions of other Hollywood stars, hipster heartthrob Johnny Depp says he actually enjoys aging. The boyish-looking Depp -- who plays the author of "Peter Pan" in

Moving Beyond Naming Names
Sep 04, 2004
The drama of Kobe Bryant and the woman who accused him of rape in a little Colorado mountain town 14 months ago has moved to new terrain.

Andre 3000 Clarifies: He Is Not In New York To Support Bush
Sep 03, 2004
Between attending the VMAs in Miami and working on their upcoming HBO film in North Carolina, Outkast has been all over the East Coast in the past week.

Bruce Lee recruited to bridge ethnic divides
Sep 02, 2004
A statue of kung fu great Bruce Lee will soon be installed in the ethnically divided city of Mostar. Lee is best remembered for taking on dozens of bad guys in a series of kung fu films, including 1973's Enter the Dragon

Laura Branigan is Dead
Sep 01, 2004
Veteran pop star Laura Branigan has died of a brain aneurysm last Thursday. She was 47. Branigan died in her New York home, and had been complaining of a headache for the previosu two weeks.

All sizzle but no shocks as MTV party fails to rival Miami vice
Aug 31, 2004
Held for the first time in Miami, the city of skin, the MTV Video Music Awards were sizzling, energetic and colourful - yet tame, by MTV standards.

Gibson's controversial film arrives on DVD
Aug 31, 2004
For those few who may have stayed away from Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ (Equinoxe/Warner) due to the reported graphic nature of its brutal content, it may help to say the violence and bloodshed is no worse than that seen in Quentin Tarantino's

Lawyer: Ja Rule Innocent in Club Clash
Aug 31, 2004
The rapper's lawyer, who was in court Monday to set a pretrial date, told reporters his high-profile client would plead innocent.

Die Hard Star Fined £12,000 for Environmental Breach
Aug 30, 2004
Movie star Bruce Willis has been fined nearly £12,000 for breaking environmental laws by tearing up an island in a pond at his home.

Your new apprentices
Aug 29, 2004
NBC has revealed the contestants on the second season of The Apprentice. The lineup, without last names, was released Friday and on the first-season DVD.



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