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Garinet Updates

Welcome to the Garinet Updates section of Garinet.com

New sound bytes from Macako
Nov 26, 2003
We have added new sound bytes from Macako's nw album, Umalali Garifuna.

Contribuitors seccion updated.
Nov 24, 2003
The contribuitor seccion has been updated.

Top 28 countries visiting Garinet.com
Nov 17, 2003
Once again, our global position remains very strong as the year comes to an end. View the top 28 countries that get to visit Garinet.com

Nov 13, 2003
Garinet has been redesigned from the ground up, from the Logo to the front page to the coloring of the sub-sections. Most importantly, garinet.com, is now fully bilingual.

NEW Members to Garifuna Education Support Group
Sep 02, 2003
Have you been looking for Garifuna professionals for quite sometime now with no luck? Your search is over.

The Gari-Events Section Has Been Revamped!
Sep 01, 2003
One of the mini projects of focus this week was to integrate the events section so that our visitors can easily view the events and posters can post in no time.

Save money - Garinet shipping lowered significantly!
Aug 26, 2003
we have decided to lowered the shipping charge for those orders that are placed on or after 8/26/03.

Garinet News Updated!
Aug 23, 2003
We have been working on a software that would allow us to post the news instantly as it gets to us.



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