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Early Warning System Seen for Deadly Leg Clots
Mar 09, 2005
An early warning system can help doctors prevent many cases of deep-vein thrombosis, the so-called "economy-class syndrome" that causes potentially fatal blood clots, researchers said on Wednesday.

Aspirin Therapy Affects Men, Women Differently
Mar 08, 2005
Taking a baby aspirin may prevent heart attacks in men, but it does little to ward off a first heart attack in women aged 45 to 64, researchers reported on Monday.

Laughter May Be Good for the Heart, Study Finds
Mar 07, 2005
A daily dose of laughter may be good for the heart because, like exercise, it makes blood vessels work more efficiently, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

The Secret to Man's Aggression: in His Finger?
Mar 05, 2005
How long a man's second finger is relative to his fourth finger appears to predict whether he is prone to be physically aggressive toward others, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Court Allows HIV Lawsuit Against American Airlines
Mar 04, 2005
Three applicants denied flight attendant jobs at American Airlines can sue even though they lied about their HIV-positive status, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday.

Healthy Lifestyle Could Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
Mar 03, 2005
Regular exercise and a healthy diet could go a long way to reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, a medical expert said on Thursday.

Scientists Find Marker for Early Testicular Cancer
Mar 02, 2005
Danish scientists said on Thursday they had discovered a new method that could help to detect very early signs of testicular cancer.

AIDS Drugs Might Combat Bird Flu
Mar 01, 2005
The anti-HIV drugs known as protease inhibitors may be effective against the bird flu virus, according to an Italian researcher.

Company Plans U.S. Future for Cannabis Drug
Feb 28, 2005
Britain's GW Pharmaceuticals said Monday it was accelerating plans to introduce its cannabis-based medicines into the United States as U.S. founder investors increased their stake in the business.

Global Anti-Smoking Pact Goes Into Effect
Feb 27, 2005
A global treaty aimed at dissuading children from smoking and helping adults kick the habit came into force on Sunday with the United Nations saying it could save millions of lives.



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