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Mental Health Plays Part in Marital Bliss
Oct 11, 2004
Satisfaction with marriage is affected by the mental health of both spouses, says a study in the October issue of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Beijing to Install Condom Machines to Fight AIDS
Oct 10, 2004
Beijing will install about 1,000 condom vending machines in hotels, bars, universities and on construction sites in the Chinese capital this month to fight the spread of AIDS, the official Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.

Melissa Etheridge Treated For Breast Cancer
Oct 09, 2004
Melissa Etheridge, "Come to my window," has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a result, the two-time Grammy winner has cancelled her North American concert tour.

Childhood Leukemia Gene Found in Study
Oct 08, 2004
Researchers have discovered a genetic mutation that causes an aggressive form of childhood leukemia and said on Thursday it may mean that drugs being developed for Alzheimer's disease (news - web sites) could also provide a better treatment for the cancer.

Voluntary Flu Vaccine Rationing Urged
Oct 06, 2004
Federal health officials are urging doctors to restrict flu shots to those patients at highest risk from influenza, an appeal for voluntary rationing after the nation's vaccine supply was abruptly cut in half.

Reports: Other Drugs May Raise Heart Risks
Oct 06, 2004
Scientists in the United States and Great Britain are calling for a fresh look at Celebrex and other medications similar to Vioxx, the heavily advertised arthritis drug pulled from the market last week after a study suggested it doubled the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Bird Flu Kills Nine-Year-Old Thai Girl, 31st Victim
Oct 04, 2004
Asia's bird flu epidemic, which experts fear could spawn a human pandemic, has claimed its 31st victim, a nine-year-old Thai girl who had contact with infected chickens at home.

Kerry tells newspaper he is free of cancer
Oct 03, 2004
John Kerry's doctors have told him he is cured of the prostate cancer that sidelined him almost two years ago and that there is a slim chance it could recur in the next decade, The New York Times said

Antibiotics Sold Without Prescriptions
Oct 02, 2004
In many Hispanic communities across the United States, people can buy antibiotics as easily as aspirin, with no prescription and no questions asked, new research suggests.

WHO Bird Flu Expert Urges Speeding Vaccine
Oct 01, 2004
The top World Health Organization (WHO) influenza expert said on Friday drug companies and governments had to speed up production of bird flu vaccines or risk a pandemic which could kill thousands of people.



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